Use TimeTrade to Easily Schedule Appointments Online

Stop the endless emails and voicemails trying to schedule meetings and let your prospects and clients easily select a time with online appointment scheduling.

Stop the endless emails and voicemails trying to schedule meetings and let your prospects and clients easily select a time with online appointment scheduling. Simply put, the purpose of all networking and marketing is to have sales conversations. Meetings with prospective customers are the fuel that makes the marketing machine run.

Adding an online calendar can turn even a basic website into a powerful sales tool that works 24/7. TimeTrade is my favorite of the options available.

The “old way” of asking someone to call you — during weekday business hours — means the majority of the time your business is closed. A huge percentage of my calls are scheduled after hours — that’s normally when people have time to read websites or social networks!

A call-to-action to email you still means you’ll need to find time to follow-up with a conversation. So just fast-forward this process.

Add a link to your business cards for even more impact!

Here’s another big benefit…

Many people tell me they don’t have time to do online marketing. But how much time do you spend a week playing phone tag or emailing back and forth to schedule a simple meeting? Have you sent availability times, only to have those filled before the person responded? Online appointment scheduling makes it fast and easy.

Then you can trade that time for doing other marketing or revenue-generating activities!

There’s a small yearly charge for an account, and I do recommend upgrading to add your logo. But with the time I’ve saved, it’s totally worth it!

The features have streamlined my sales process and made it easier for my clients to book appointements:

  • Create different meeting types – demos, intro calls, coaching sessions, lunch or coffee meetings – whatever you need.
  • Connect to your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar so you never have to worry about double-booking.
  • Email or post your online scheduling link and let people book appointments with you.
  • Use the mobile app to book appointments while you’re out of the office
  • Use the follow up tracker to remind people to schedule.

That’s it! It’s added to your main calendar and You and your invitees get instantly confirmed appointments and automated reminders.

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Virtuallinda (Linda Schenk)

I work with service-based entrepreneurs, specializing in relationship and referral marketing to attract more ideal leads, 24/7. I use a practical and flexible approach to “Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.” I offer a custom blend of 23+ years of expertise in marketing, websites, brand identity, strategy, tech solutions and more. My skills link together like LEGO Bricks to create a custom fit for you.

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