Case Study

How To Integrate Your Web Marketing

A case study of The Sun Today, a solar & space weather community

It’s a best practice is to link all of your marketing channels together like this diagram shows…but what does that translate to in real life? I’ll show in detail what it is like to create an effective, integrated brand online using all the tools you’ve got at your disposal.

In less than 2 years*, I have worked with Dr. C. Alex Young to develop a thriving community around his niche. IN HIS SPARE TIME (working full-time with a long commute) he communicates in just minutes a day with followers all over the world. He has used my strategy system to break this down into byte sized steps.  This is a process that busy professionals can duplicate for their own businesses.

Getting all of these marketing channels setup and linked together is especially important to take advantage of PR opportunities. Reporters have helped to share The Sun Today by using videos in articles, doing a live Twitter interview (CNN en Español), linking back to the website and more. If your business is looking for maximum growth, the time to get all of these parts in place is BEFORE you hit the big time.

Right-click to download the PDF

Download the PDF to see real-life examples of:

  • How to use the best features of each channel effectively
  • How to combine in-person & online channels to build brand ambassadors
  • Building strategic alliances to work together to promote your goals

Visit the live sites:

* Launched in early 2010, presentation from December 2011

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