Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.

Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.

  • Simplify your TO-DO list

    to save you time, money & energy

  • Get out of overwhelm

    and into action that get results

  • Increase your confidence

    when promoting your business

  • Free up your time

    by setting up tech solutions & shortcuts

  • Clarify your marketing message

    to attract ideal clients you love to work with

  • Book sales conversations

    with qualified leads & referrals, 24/7

  • Maximize your profits

    with optimal pricing & packaging

  • Gain exposure

    as a trustworthy expert in your field

Get the details of what's included:

My system will get you out of overwhelm & into action to increase profits.

We will use your VISION as the compass to guide all of your decisions. Your passion is what will set you apart in the market as a critical element of your brand. You can be amplifying your purpose in the world 24/7 through your marketing channels and online sales funnel. Your business plan will support your desired lifestyle goals. We can adjust your strategy around opportunities or challenges.

Your Vision Is Your Compass

Brand Builder Blocks

For most businesses, all of the marketing & networking you are doing will lead to one important thing: A SALES CONVERSATION.

Creating your strategic plan will help you gain confidence to have sales conversations and align all of your branding efforts together.

Having conversations with potential clients also helps you refine your marketing message. You will gain extremely valuable insight that will allow you to go back and tweak your plan, website copy, calls-to-action, products & services. This means you do not have to be perfect to start, you just need to start taking action!

Strategies & tech tools are custom selected to increase your sales. We’ll use a combination of optimized website content and tech tools for your mobile devices or desktop to assist in your lead generation and sales process. You’ll also learn my simple process for how to automate your social media updates, which is essential to turn your strategic plan into action – easily & effectively.

To reduce your overwhelm, we create & implement a plan based on where you are to take you to the next level. Your strategy will adjust for opportunities & market changes to maximize your profits.

Levels of business growth

The Brand Builder System - Brand Builder BlocksWorking in phases will ease your stress. You will get online QUICKLY & avoid the bright shiny objects that distract many Entrepreneurs. Your TO-DO list gets shorter as we focus on what’s most important to bring in revenue. Your stress level will be dramatically reduced while you quickly get your marketing engine started by shifting into an order that makes sense for your goals.

Exactly what we build is unique because no two businesses are alike. I’ve worked with Solopreneuers, multi-million dollar companies, government agencies and non-profits. My process has evolved from working with hundreds of clients since 1997, and it will work for your business, too.

I’ll help you to KEEP BUILDING as your business expands. I’m a long-term partner for many of my clients. We build a little bit at a time, which is great for your budget & reducing overwhelm!

Your brand will share your message, attract ideal clients & increase profits. Imagine the freedom this will give you…you can get online to get offline. And I’m ready to help you!

cookiecutter-moneyHave you been trying to build your business with:

  • STRATEGY – From coaches, random sources or DIY
  • COACHING – From a cookie-cutter coaching program
  • ONLINE TRAINING – From group programs, products & DIY
  • DESIGN – From graphic designers, design contests or DIY
  • TECHNOLOGY – From a Virtual Assistant or DIY

The Brand Builder System solves the challenge I see Entrepreneurs having—trying to make a profit while trying to work with disconnected pieces. You’ll either be left with gaps in your foundation, or you’ll want to build your brand faster than a cookie-cutter program allows.

Instead, we’ll fix this by combining strategy + design + marketing + tech solutions. My modular system will build what YOU need—at the pace that works for you! Plus, you’ll have PERSONALIZED guidance and accountability for every step of the process, so you’ll never have to guess what to do next to reach your business goals!

leverage your online brandIn short, purpose of my system is to help you gain clarity on your unique marketing message so you can leverage the power of an online brand. Your brand will be online, 24/7, allowing you to attract ideal clients & increase profits. Every aspect of your brand—online and offline—optimizes your sales funnel, which increases your bottom line.

One simple solution to seamlessly design & integrate your branding, networking, business systems, sales & marketing
My strategy will LEVERAGE your branding, networking, sales, marketing & business systems together to accelerate your growth with less effort! This allows you to focus on your area of expertise, closing sales with less work and use technology instead of adding on new team members (or letting your team members focus on what they do best, not routine tasks).

Have you ever heard the story of the man trying to cut down a forest with a dull axe? Stopping to sharpen the axe means that more work can be done with less effort. Building your business by integrating these areas will also allow you to accomplish more with less effort! 

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