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FACEBOOK: How To Set Account & Privacy Settings

facebook privacy

Remember, anything that you post online has the potential to be exposed. However, you can adjust your settings so information is not viewable at first glance to the general public. Here are some tips for application privacy settings…

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FACEBOOK: How to Disable the Facial Recognition Feature


Facebook just launched a new feature that users need to opt-out of. It will automatically identify your face in photos taken by your friends, which makes tagging faster and easier. Take a moment to review your privacy settings and learn about how you can set some boundaries for your account.

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FACEBOOK: Get Rid of “My 1st St@tus” and Other Apps that are Posting to Your Feed


Opps, your status is not something you meant to send, it’s sending out a viral link! Now what? Ok, I’ll admit it. I made this mistake. I saw the “Click to see your first Facebook status” and I clicked. It installed an app called My 1st St@tus. Even thought I should know better, this seemed legit, because I’ve been able to see what my first Twitter status was. But that’s the point…these scams are designed to fool you.

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