Deluxe WordPress Package

Logo design, WordPress website & business cards

PLUS your QuikCash Builder strategy to streamline your sales, 24/7!

Starter Website Package - WORDPRESS

Deluxe Package – website design, matching business cards PLUS…

  • Brand Builder BLUEPRINT


  • BIZToolkits
  • Your Brand Strategy

  • Private coaching in byte sized steps

    Be totally clear on your path to success!

  • 45-min calls, to review each step of your customized plan
  • To stay on track with your goals
  • Guides, templates, checklists & calendars to build your marketing plan
  • VIP Level between coaching sessions
  • Additional QuikGuides & online business building strategies

Coaching on your Questions

Phone sessions will keep you accountable, guide you through your challenges & keep you motivated to be building your network.

Strategic Planning

Build your brand over time! As your network expands and your business priorities shift, your strategy can be adjusted to keep reaching your ideal clients.

Logo Creation & Brand Identity

Include a simples logo & header design for your website. Use your visual identity on business cards & additional marketing materials.

Technical Concierge

General troubleshooting (“how do I…”) or support with 3rd party vendors (web hosting, email marketing, domain registrars, PayPal, etc.)

Adding Your Final Content to WordPress

Your website isn’t a static brochure! Your site visitors (and search engines) want fresh information. Add new pages or features to highlight your latest offerings.

Social Media Design & Integration

Add graphical links to your social network profiles. Encourage sharing of your website content with “social share” icons.

Gallery of Example Deluxe Sites

The sites below have the same LAYOUT but each has a unique LOOK. That’s because the same theme was used as a base, then customized. Note: The samples designs were created from previous projects using a custom header & background image in a standard layout. These simple customizations can give your business a unique website!

Includes a matching business card design:

  • bc-awp-265x186a
  • bc-awp-265x186b
  • bc-tony-265x186a
  • bc-tony-265x186b
  • bc-af1-265×186
  • bc-tst1-265×186
  • bc-tst2-265×186
  • bc-hwh1-265×186
  • bc-rcs1-265×186
  • bc-rcs2-265×186
  • bc-hsg1-265×186
  • bc-hsg2-265×186

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Good Words for Grieving

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

A3 Solution

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Header Design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Logo & header design by Virtuallinda

Spare yourself wasted time and frustration that you would experience by trying to do-it-yourself! We’ll design a professional website with your branding and a bit of customization to give your business a solid foundation online.

In addition, you’ll have training & coaching on how to build your brand to attract your ideal client and increase referrals. Online training with worksheets and action steps will get you started. Then Virtuallinda will provide a 1-hr consultation on how to best represent your business on the Web with her expertise on branding, marketing, design, social media and technical setup. When you are putting your business online 24/7, you can’t afford to miss sales—and DIY sites often have major roadblocks because of lack of web design or online marketing experience.

Is this Setup Right for You?

This package creates a SIMPLE logo (one round of changes, of a font treatment of your business name). Your brand identity is created with a color palette, font choices & photos for your website and business cards. This can be used on all of your marketing for a consistent, professional look.

The base package is for ONE product, service or program (more can be added in this phase, or future phases). Together, we will map out your exact plan for finding your ideal target client, creating your compelling marketing message and your sales funnel for both online & in-person.

Many Entrepreneurs struggle with the strategic planning phase of their business. Ideas may be swirling around your head, and it’s hard to tell which one will be the most profitable. Or maybe you don’t like to look at numbers at all, so it’s just a guess as to if you can ever make a profit. I’m a whiz at cutting through your mind swirl and bringing your vision to life. I not only help define and refine what your business needs get your sales flowing, I can create your brand on all of your marketing. Your unique business will come to life through my process of strategy, design & tech systems.

Because your success is my top priority, I focus you on ONE product, service or program to start, with the QuikCash Builder process that is a high-level marketing strategy. This can be refined later, but it gets you online ASAP. You can add on more at any time. During this process, we can touch on other ways you can build your business. But all of your energy will be focused on ONE THING, bringing you the fastest results.

Your website and strategy will be completely scalable to grow, but it will also be setup to jumpstart your cashflow NOW.

Simple setup with a custom header, background & colors

  • Homepage, 8 static pages or blog posts + contact page
  • Our recommended setup for a simple setup
  • Up to 1 hour of design customization
  • Up to 1 hour of consultation on optimizing your content for the web
  • Up to 30 minutes of social media integration
  • Use our standard theme with custom header & background (see examples above)
  • Broadcast your blog out to your social media profiles
  • We add your final content – text, photos & videos!
  • Add a simple email signup box (eNewsletter design not included)
  • Matching business card design – $250 value

Additional coaching & training to create your strategic plan:

  • WordPress video tutorials – $97 value
  • Online Brand Blueprint - 90-day action plan for ONE product/service/program – $1999 value (add $1999 for each additional product, service or program)
  • YOUR PROFIT PIPELINE eCourse$197 value
  • WEBINAR: 7 Secrets to Online Marketing Success
  • AUDIO: Using Social Media in Your Sales Process
  • CASE STUDY: How To Integrate Your Web Marketing


  • Must be setup on one of our recommended website hosts, following our instructions.
  • Does not include the cost of hosting or domain (from $6.95/month).
  • One domain with privacy included in the yearly price of hosting!
  • Does not include the cost of additional design customization, advanced content migration, adding new content or custom consulting.
  • Price includes our developer’s license of the theme, plugins & backup systems. To migrate the site to your complete control, you will be responsible for purchasing your own license of all of these in order to do website updates.

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