WordPress 101: What is a Blog?


Share Your Own “News” with a Blog

The video below gives a good overview of what a blog is and how they have changed the way we share “news”. However, we do recommend you use a self-installed version of WordPress, not WordPress.com as the video mentions if you are going to be blogging for business.

WordPress is built on 2 different types of content:

blog-computerPAGES are static content that is like a traditional website, containing your company information, product, services and more. While this information is important, to use it with social networking sites, you need to manually create links to the content. Readers also might not notice you made an update to this content.

  • This website displays this information across the top blue bar.

POSTS are typically news or commentary-style content which are presented as latest entry first, organized into archives automatically. This is the “blog” format, but businesses can use this to present latest news or product updates. Use blog posts for frequently updated news and events.

  • This website displays blog categories across the grey bar.

How posts work:

Posts automatically creates a “RSS FEED” that can be pulled into other Social Media sites. This means that your updates can be pushed out to your entire social network with NO EXTRA WORK!

  • Archives of content created automatically
  • Create content to be posted at a later date automatically
  • Easily cross-reference content

WordPress allows you to create relationships between posts so your readers can find and read related content.

You can organize content by:

  • Latest Posts
  • Related Posts
  • Categories
  • Tags
The differences between Categories & Tags
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