WordPress 101: Technical Setup (That You Can Outsource)

WordPress 101: Common Questions & Objections

Keep your focus on your core business, not on how your website runs

WordPress 101: Technical Setup (That You Can Outsource)WordPress makes web development MUCH, MUCH easier than when I first started building websites in 1997.  But that doesn’t mean that it requires zero technical knowledge.

For this reason, I highly recommend that professionals understand a general overview of the benefits of WordPress, and understand how to keep it updated. This makes it a tool that you can use for marketing your business to your community.

However, your time is not going to be well-spent if you try and setup the technical details yourself.  Chances are, you will make mistakes. This could be critical mistakes.

I had 2 clients upgrade the WordPress software without my team’s help.

They ignored all warnings and just clicked a few buttons and bam – their site was a white screen. One of them was left with a site that required 5+ hours to get it fixed (it would have been 15-30 minutes of our time to begin with).

The time to repair it was not in his budget so the site had to wait a while before it was up and running. Another had the site down while they were speaking at a national conference.

Don’t let this happen to you.

If these stories don’t scare you, here’s a peak under the hood of how WordPress works. This explains, in plain English, what’s going on.  These days WordPress has theme frameworks that let you bi-pass some of this. However, in order to add on the little bells and whistles that seem to be standard requests from our clients, we do have to dive into these files.

Feel free to breeze over this if it doesn’t make sense!

Do I expect this to make sense to most business professionals?  Absolutely not.

That’s why it’s a sensible business decision to outsource the setup and maintenance of WordPress to my team.

We know how WordPress works, so you don’t have to.

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