Build relationships, attract leads & get more referrals by networking regularly.

Here are the events that I recommend in the Baltimore Metro Area. I hope to see you soon!

B’More Business Women’s Connections Meetup

B'More Business Women's ConnectionsHigh-quality networking events in the Baltimore Metro Area for women. The calendar includes a variety of events (both free & paid).

Whether you are new to networking or a seasoned pro, you know that finding quality connections takes time. You probably steer away from events that are overly crowded or involve business cards being shoved at you.

My goal is to share the best events with other women in the area so we can help each other to grow our businesses. Featured events are selected if they provide an opportunity for women to gather together to build relationships, expand their networks and provide referrals. You’ll have time to talk with each other beyond just an elevator pitch. You’ll probably laugh.


The variety of choices on the calendar will also allow you to find some new connections or mix it up when you can. Many won’t require membership or attendance every month. Membership groups allow guests to try it out at least once.

NOTE: I am the organizer of this Meetup group which promotes events that I love to attend regularly. See details about each event for more info.

B’More Entrepreneurs Meetup

B'More Entrepreneurs Meetup GroupYou’ll find 2 types of Meetup events – business education & networking to start & grow your business. 

These events and seminars will be led by members or experts with expertise in specific areas such as business planning, productivity, and referral marketing. There may be reasonable charges for the seminars (paid to the organizer of the event directly).

This group provides a resource for those who are self employed, run their own business or are starting a business. Our emphasis is on sharing our strengths and successes with each other so we can all grow both professionally and personally. Meetups are designed to help us expand our networks, overcome our challenges and bring our businesses to the next level.

NOTE: I am the organizer of this Meetup group which promotes events that I love to attend regularly. See details about each event for more info.

Meetup is one of my top networking tools!


It IS a social network. Combining this with real life events will super charge your connections (both personally & professionally). It’s connected me with my last full-time job, clients for my business, friends and even a husband. I join and participate in groups with like-minded people and then continue to build relationships in real life.


I encourage you to use Meetup profiles to share your photo, bio & more, so our members can learn about each other beyond the business cards and short introductions you may hear at events. It also is a very easy way to find a person if you lost their contact info!


Don’t let the number of RSVPs here determine if you are coming! We promote the events in multiple places. Many groups have been around for years, with regular attendance. My RSVP is a very low estimate of the number of attendees.


Join, participate & share these groups to help us all grow our connections. If you know other great women in the area, please share this group with them! The more members we have, the better for all of us.

I look forward to connecting with you! If you have any questions or ideas, please let me know.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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