How Many New Clients Can You Fit into Your Busy Schedule?

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If you’re like many Entrepreneurs, you want more clients. So how many new clients can you actually fit into this month?

You need to have room in your busy schedule for new clients in order to get new clients.

Now it is a great time of year to ask yourself this important question. The holidays are rapidly approaching. You probably will time some much needed downtime or have business priorities like planning for next year. This will rapidly fill your schedule.

Simply put, you need to have room in your busy schedule for new clients in order to get new clients.

This strategy applies for the whole year, too. I meet Entrepreneurs that are maxing their schedules out. They are in a state of overwhelm. That doesn’t leave much room to take on NEW work.

Before you jump into networking or marketing, you need to know how many new clients you actually have time for. In order to maximize the time you have left in the year (or ANY timeframe), you need to have a S.M.A.R.T. goal (specific, measurable, accurate, realistic or time-bound).

If you are just guessing on how many clients you can take on, there’s a good chance that the level of effort you put into networking or marketing won’t match what you REALLY need. This is the quickest way to overwhelm, and it’s not focused on your fastest route to income.

To shift into action, start by looking at your busy schedule. I recommend using Google Calendars. You can overlay multiple calendars to give you an accurate at-a-glance view of how much time you have.

Block off time for important activities.

Block off time for important activities


Learn how to use multiple Google calendars »

After seeing how much time you have available, you can create a S.M.A.R.T. goal for how many new clients you can fit into your schedule.

Based on this number of clients you can handle, you can strategically plan out your marketing and networking activities to be as streamlined as possible.

Here’s an example. A client of mine has a very targeted list of 500 contacts that she can market to. She feels overwhelmed and not sure where to start to market to everyone on the list right now. So instead of creating a plan to target all 500, we took a step back.

We looked at her schedule. Due to some personal obligations, she is already pretty booked up through mid-December. Then she has obligations for the holidays. However, she does have some days fully available to take on new clients.

Instead of focusing on all 500, we narrowed the list to personally contact a small fraction of these leads with a special promotional offer and get them booked into the times in her calendar that are open.

This is an easy strategy to Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.

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