How To Start The New Year with a Plan

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I’ve listened to several webinars to kick off the New Year and EVERY EXPERT gave the same advice: “Your business needs a strategic plan in order to succeed.”

Sounds, so simple, right? Then WHY aren’t you doing it?

Well, if you are like many Entrepreneurs you have the gift (and curse) of having way too many ideas bouncing around in your brain. This can manifest itself in the positive way of allowing your business to quickly change to adapt to market conditions.

The negative impact is the bright shiny object syndrome. That’s really just the nice way of saying that you are busy, not productive. Your business isn’t making money but you are running around networking and connecting like crazy. In the social media world that means randomly using Facebook when you have time, but without any sort of cohesive strategy that is building your brand. Is this how you want to spend 2012?

Now, I’ll assume your business also has limited resources—time, money & energy. Let’s think of those resources as a pie. Every time you add another element to your to-do list, it’s taking up a piece of pie. In order for you to reach each business goal, you need to have the IDEA and take each step with your customer to create a SALE. That’s multiple steps for EVERY SINGLE GOAL.

If your business is struggling and you are going in million directions, you are spread too thin. You will run out of hours in the day to work on every goal. You will run out of time during an 30-second elevator pitch to even TELL SOMEONE about all of the ways you can make money. Your social media efforts are going to be diluted or just neglected completely.

Instead, make a shift and just focus in on ONE BUSINESS GOAL. But wait… what if your business is actually 10 different ideas (yes, I’ve actually heard that, and it was exhausting just listening to them all)…how do you determine which is the best goal to focus on?

That’s simple… focus on your FASTEST ROUTE TO INCOME.

This is the starting point of my system. You’ll start with this ONE GOAL and the create a strategy (just like those experts advised) and take byte sized steps to reach it using social media.

Yes, it’s that simple. Then WHY aren’t you doing it?

Let’s talk about your options to get moving forward!

PS - I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by reading blog posts full of ideas, tactics and tools. Be honest...

  • How frustrated will you be trying to implement this on your own?
  • How much time will you waste if it's not your next best step?
  • Did you just take the time to read this but you won't make any changes?
  • Or are you ready to take a small next step to build your brand?
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