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The Virtual Linda Show is the wacky & tacky side of Linda Schenk, web designer & Social Media consultant. Launched in 1997, this site was a platform to help her learn HTML, coded by hand. This started pre-MySpace, when 14.4 modem dialup was fast, when everybody Yahoo'd and only Google'd in the privacy of their own homes.

TRUE STORY: Back in the day, The White House saw this and was so impressed they offered Linda a job "being the voice of the White House". She turned it down, as that was the same week Bill was testifying about Monica. She does regret not having the chance to give personal tours of the White House, a job perk. We know Obama is all over Social Media, but things could have been cooler a lot quicker had she taken the job. Just think how much more fun Bush's terms could have been with some animated gifs. In his honor, we have posted our favorite Bush photos.
No caption needed, they are just funny.

So please, get ready to go back to Al Gore's cyberspace. To fully enjoy the ride, we suggest you turn up your speakers and get ready to dance with some cicadas.

Warning: Site contains purposefully ugly graphics.
Blinking might cause eye burning, animated heads might cause uncontrollable bits of giggles or leave you wondering about Linda's sense of humor. Enjoy.

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