How to Share Engaging Tips & Ideas in a Branded PDF

MARKETING TIP: Share Engaging Tips & Ideas in a Branded PDF

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Think beyond business tips – try recipes, wine recommendations, travel tips & more. Mention it during a conversation, then send the PDF (with your biz info) as a follow-up to build relationships.

80% of the conversation in social networking (and in-person networking) is not about business.

This gives you a great opportunity to think outside of the box when creating “compelling content” to share with your network.

MARKETING TIP: Share Engaging Tips & Ideas in a Branded PDF

I learned this marketing tip from one of the best networkers I know, Rick Tashman. Rick is an IT Consultant for Syscom Technologies and does extreme makeovers for Data Centers and Critical Infrastructure. You might think he would only want to talk tech and meet geeks, but he has a broad set of interests and contacts (and a huge referral network!)

He is the facilitator for one of the in-person events I attend regularly, the Jewish Community Services Entrepreneur & Business Meetup Group. He runs several Meetups, including the Original Philadelphia Entrepreneur & Business MeetupThe Philly eCommerce Meetup and the Board of Advisors. He also teaches a spinning class and does a lot of philanthropic activities.

guacamole-recipesAt these events, he gets to know his contacts with a social discussion. He often has additional information on a variety of topics (non-business) that he can share as a followup after events.

He recently shared this guacamole recipe with me. I love fresh avocados and I’m looking forward to making it. Click here for the recipe.

He creates a PDF file with his business letterhead, and then puts the information on it when he shares it with his contacts. He mentioned this during a presentation, and asked people to contact him if interested. If he was following up after a one-on-one conversation, he sends it in his follow-up email.

The PDF is much easier to print than if he pasted it into an email message!

Rick fully credits the sources of his great finds. It is an easy way for you to be social and pass along your business information. After all, wouldn’t you like to do business with someone that can take care of a data center disaster AND is a joy to be around? 🙂

Contact Rick and ask for his:

  • Hershey Wine Festival 2013 – Wine Tasting Notes
  • Award-winning Crunchy Carmel Apple Pie Recipe

TAKE ACTION: What can you share? Add it to a Word doc, save as a PDF and send it as a follow-up email message.

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