Email Marketing 101: Autoresponders

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An autoresponder is an email that is sent out automatically, with no additional work for you each time it’s sent!

Businesses can use this as an e-mail marketing tool, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.

Have you ever bought a product online or signed up for a newsletter then gotten a series of emails as followup?  Sometimes you may receive other messages after you ask for information or buy a product as well. These are autoresponders.

Your audience will appreciate a “thank you for subscribing” message or a “here’s the free report I promised” when they give you contact information. Auto-responders can also be a 7-10 part series of messages that people can subscribe to. Each message written will be a little longer than a blog post (500-700 words) and will encourage the reader to TAKE ACTION. (Actions will be determined prior to writing.) Cost includes minor editing of content and overall message and scheduling in AWeber. Client will review content before our team edits.

Save time and build your reputation with a customer

AweberSmall businesses can use this to —without work for each individual email! These follow up emails are written beforehand, so the business owner doesn’t have to take time sending out emails every time someone buys something or asks for information. Instead, the business owner uses autoresponder software to set up a sequence of emails that go out at regular intervals.

Generate new leads & automate tasks

Autoresponders can be used to generate leads as well. For example, when you sign up for an online newsletter, you provide your email address. You will get a new issue on a regular basis. The autoresponder software manages the subscriber list for the business owner, so he doesn’t have to add and remove names manually. It also sends the newsletter out to everyone on the list.

Create a series of content to engage & educate your audience

You can also use autoresponders to send out sequences of emails, such as an “ecourse” or special reports. In this case, you write up a series of emails. The autoresponder software then sends out the emails at the intervals you specify. For example, people who download a 30-day trial of your product will also get a complimentary ecourse.

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