Are You Feeling Like a Failure for Not Doing More Marketing?

Are You Feeling Like a Failure for Not Doing More Marketing?

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Are You Feeling Like a Failure for Not Doing More Marketing?

This is a topic that many entrepreneurs struggled with, and then the pandemic hit. Let’s take a look and realize that if 2020 taught us anything positive, it’s that you can’t do it all. And that is OK.

I originally wrote this a few years ago, but reading it again I see that the points are even more important. Imagine if you can go into 2021 and beyond and give up the idea that you have to do everything. What if you are FOCUSED on what is truly important? How much less stressful would that be? You CAN achieve goals if they are manageable.

Do you find that you’re constantly thinking about the list of all of the marketing things you “SHOULD BE” doing, yet feeling guilty for not doing them?

I know the voice inside your head. I hear it, too. It reminds me that I need to write a blog post. Or send out an email blast. Or order new postcards. Or make an update on Facebook. Or write new website content. Or do that new idea. I didn’t want to admit this to anyone, because then I’d have to talk about my “failure”.

But I need to, because sometimes it’s easier to hear this message from someone else. You need to be gentle on yourself, and give up the expectation that you need to be perfect in order to be online. My husband has to remind me of this a lot, and I remind him, too. I remind my clients. This post is a mental note for all of us.

Yes, ultimately, the “best practice” is to make updates and interact online consistently. But for MOST PEOPLE, there are going to be times when that’s just not possible. Or even necessary.

You have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic

If you have been sick or have had a loved one sick, my heart goes out to you. Other impacts are industries that have changed or stopped, lack of networking in-person, economic changes in spending of consumers & businesses, uncertainly in the future that makes planning harder, changes in your target audiences, and the stress of having to adjust to unprecedented times.

Other businesses have had a surge in growth, but that also means adjusting to scaling which can be exhausting. You may be so busy serving clients that you can’t do additional marketing. Whatever the situation, 2020 showed all business owners that we need to rethink the marketing we “should” be doing.

Don’t feel guilty about marketing you “should be doing”!

Your business idea isn’t ready to launch

If you have limited time, it’s often a better idea to focus on getting your business on solid ground instead of spending all day social networking (or going to in-person networking events!) It’s business networking — and if your business is in the pre-launch mode, then wait.

Don’t feel guilty about marketing you “should be doing”!

You are busy with current clients

Stop right here… pat yourself on the back and give yourself a break! When you catch your breath, you can think about a manageable plan for growth.

Don’t feel guilty about marketing you “should be doing”!

You have family priorities

I personally do not believe in the “no excuses, 24/7” approach to growing your business. What’s the purpose of having your own business if you can’t be with the ones you love? So sometimes, that means taking time offline to take care of new babies, illnesses, deaths, pets (yes, fur balls are family) or just taking time to just enjoy being with them.

Don’t feel guilty about marketing you “should be doing”!

You are sick or exhausted

You are not a super hero. You’re an Entrepreneur. (Big note to self on that one!) It’s going to happen that you just need to take a break and recover. If you are feeling really bored with resting, then jot down some notes for what you can do later. Or just REST!

Don’t feel guilty about marketing you “should be doing”!

Please, be gentle on yourself.

Too often, we make the whole process of building our online brands SO MUCH HARDER because we set meaningless deadlines while forgetting that this entire process is just PART of our lives. Things are going to come up. You can be wiser in the futures about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals — but even more important is the mindset adjustment to know that this is not a road that you need to drive at 120mph every single day.

Do you beat yourself up for not doing more online? Let’s talk! I can help you get focused on what’s most important…and take the rest off of your TO-DO list!!

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