Feeling Unmotivated? Hit the Reset Button!

Feeling unmotivated? Hit the reset buttonwith one of these9 practical ways toget unstuck!

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Many people are feeling stuck in 2022!

Everyone goes through periods of not wanting to do something. But if you’re stuck on a business task, your path to profits may be blocked.

Feeling unmotivated? Hit the reset buttonwith one of these9 practical ways toget unstuck!

It happens to everyone – you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t get yourself to get it done!

We all go through periods where we struggle to stay motivated. It’s frustrating, but not an impossible hurdle to overcome. Problems arise when this lack of motivation becomes prolonged and prevents us from moving our businesses forward. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to positively influence your level of motivation.

Think about the biggest thing that would move you forward in your business that you just haven’t been able to do. Then see if you can break through what’s holding you back with one of these 10 ideas.

1. Recognize your motivational blockers

Are you trying to learn new technology, launch a new product or service or another challenge you have never encountered before? Not feeling confident in your ability to do a good job? Or do you simply have too much on your plate and don’t know where to start? You will be better able to deal it if you can simply identify what the issue is.

2. Squash negativity before it spreads

The moment you start thinking you can’t do something or that you are not good enough is the moment you allow your fears to control your actions. Counteract this by training your mind to focus on positive thoughts. One way to squash negativity is to develop a list of positive affirmations and repeat them daily. Or post a note on your computer to encourage yourself.

3. Do it anyway

Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. By just taking a SMALL step out of your comfort zone, and that can give you the motivation to keep walking headfirst into the thing that’s blocking you. Not only will you see there was nothing to fear in the first place, but your confidence will grow as a result of taking action. Remember, things are never as bad as your mind tells you they are.

4. Change your surroundings

Can you do the task that you are stuck on somewhere else? For example, you can break through the writer’s block by getting off your computer and going outside with a pad of paper and pen. Go for a walk to clear your mind to then get back to working on your task.

5. Tell a friend or accountability partner

Remember that you aren’t alone! Every Entrepreneur has tasks they get stuck on. Set yourself up for success by having a trusted friend, family member or colleague that can help to guide you through your temporary setback. The best support is on-going encouragement and accountability for your follow-up actions.

6. Re-assess your goals

Are your goals in line with your purpose—your business plan and your passion to motivate you into taking action? Or maybe you are hesitating because you feel something isn’t in alignment. Take time to revaluate your goals. You CAN change your direction! Focus on creating objectives that are clear, realistic and take you in the direction you want to go.

7. Break it down

Are you trying to do a project – something with MULTIPLE steps – not a task that can be done in a short bit of time? Instead of looking at an activity as one big task to conquer, break it down into achievable and manageable-sized chunks. You will feel less overwhelmed and each step you complete will spur you on to do the next.

8. Reward yourself

It takes great effort to tackle a challenge head-on. So the next time you manage to complete something you’ve been avoiding for a while, remember to reward your achievement. Treat yourself to something special, as you deserve it! Keep a running list of your successes, too! It will help to remind you that you are successful!

9. Clean up your workspace

Sometimes it’s hard to get moving because of scattered thoughts. Look around your office – is your workspace as cluttered as your brain? Take 15 minutes to straighten things up. Often this will clear your head at the same time, and you get moving with renewed focus.

10. Seek inspiration from others

Read a blog, listen to podcasts, watch a YouTube video or read books about other Entrepreneurs who you find motivational. Learning about the struggles and successes of others can often provide you with that much-needed boost to make things happen. Use this to remind yourself that YOU can do it, too. Then take a small step forward!

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