Review the Past Year: Your Business Plan, Passion, Lifestyle & REALITY

Review the past yearby looking at your business plan,passion & lifestyle.

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The new year is a great time for Entrepreneurs to reaffirm their goals and boost their motivation.

The new year can be the perfect time to reinvent yourself, your schedule and your business’s systems. It’s the perfect time to start anew, or just make some small adjustments to course correct the direction you are heading.

You also may want to do your future goals as 90-day goals (with 120-days to implement), which will allow for moving forward during a time of uncertainty. (I do this every year…it works!!)

You also can RESET YOUR YEAR AT ANY TIME! WHAAT?! You mean I don’t have to wait until January 1st? NOPE. It can be any day of the year.

Just RESET & take a look at where you are and where you want to go. Use the review of the past year to look at four 90-day cycles. That can help you plan for the next 90-day cycle. If you want to take a more “holistic” approach to your planning, try this!

Review the past yearby looking at your business plan,passion & lifestyle.

There are three four things about the past year that need reviewing:

1. Your Business Plan

First of all, take a look at your results. Did you meet the goals you set for yourself over the last year?

How much did you revenue did you generate? How much of that was actual profits after your expenses?

How are the other metrics in your business doing? Look at things like your online sales funnel — website traffic, number of paying clients, number of eNewsletter subscribers and so on. A simple version of this is knowing how many sales calls you had each week vs. number of new paying clients.

Celebrate the successes, do more of what works and look for lessons in the places where you fell short!

2. Your Passion

The next area to review is the passion you have for your business. As an Entrepreneur you get to make a choice of how you spent your time, money & energy. While you may not love every single aspect of running your business, you should have an overall passion for what you do.

What did you find you particularly enjoyed? Were there things you did that you didn’t particularly enjoy? What would increase your quality of life if you did it all the time; and what would you rather not have to do this new year? Can you outsource the things you don’t love, so you can focus on what you truly are passionate about?

Business isn’t just about profit; it’s about doing what you love as well.

3. Your Lifestyle

Finally, you’ll want to look at your work/life balance. Are you working a million hours and never getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Do you need more time to focus on your business? Is your business setup for YOUR ever-changing priorities of family, friends, your own health and well-being?

4. Your Reality (New After 2020!)

If there is anything that 2020 taught us, it’s we have to adapt to what’s going on, not what we wish things would be like. Embrace your current reality, don’t fight against it. If your plan is realistic to what is going on…all limitations that you may have, you will be more likely to be able to overcome challenges. When I work with clients, we need to take this into consideration.

Start this new year by writing out a number of S.M.A.R.T. goals that are both exciting and within reach. Make it a stretch, but make it also a reasonable goal.

Write out most of your goals in a tangible, measurable manner — hang them up where you can see them. For example, you want to be earning X dollars a month by the end of the year so you want to have Y number of sales calls a week. Make a chart to track your progress and hang it in your office.

You’ll also want to have a few goals that aren’t metrics-based. For example, you might want to get healthier and more energetic by doing yoga and changing your diet. You might want to spend more time with your kids. You can still make this a S.M.A.R.T. goal by putting time on your calendar to make this happen.

Once you’ve written all your goals down, put your paper down and take a moment to visualize yourself one year from now. Imagine this person having achieved all their goals. Feel what it’s like to be that person. Step into that person.

Take that feeling and bring it back to today. Are you ready to create that life for yourself? If so, reaffirm to yourself that you’re going to hit all the goals you laid out for the year. Use this motivation to move forward as your launching pad into the new year.

Keep this list handy, because there will be times during the year that you get off track. EXPECT THIS to happen, but you’ll also have a tool that you can use to course-correct!

You can also review 25 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions — easy but powerful tips to make your desired results a reality!

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