3 Simple Networking Tips

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You never know where your next great connection will come from! Use these easy pointers to help broaden your network.

1. Always be networking & be prepared

I landed my first graphic design job after I started chatting with a neighbor digging out from a blizzard. I also ended 8 months of unemployment as a dot-commer in San Francisco after I struck up a conversation with a cashier at Michael’s Crafts. The lady behind me in line was looking for a graphic design and asked for my card. I have always carried my own business cards with my contact info—you don’t have to wait for an employer to purchase them for you! New customers can get 250 Free Business Cards (with FREE Glossy Finish & FREE Backside upgrades) from Vistaprint. In both cases, I was ready for immediate action, with my resume and portfolio ready. Follow these simple rules and you won’t miss the next great opportunity!

2. ASK people if you can connect online

“I really enjoyed talking with you today. Are you on LinkedIn or Facebook? I’d love to connect with you and we can share our networks.” Or, “I’m glad you were pleased with our service. Would you mind writing a recommendation on LinkedIn?” This might sound so obvious, but how often do you do it? Making the call to action to connect is especially important for LinkedIn, as 3 rejections of “I don’t know this person” will get you banned. By asking first, you are setting the expectation that you will be following up and to approve your request. Make sure to send a brief personalized note.

3. Share networks with your current connections

Rather than randomly testing out new events or groups, ask a member that you know if they would think it would be a good fit for you! This is a simple exercise in knowing someone and showing that you trust their opinion. Perhaps it has been a while since you’ve caught up, this gives you a chance to renew your relationship. Don’t forget to ask them who THEY are looking to meet!

What’s your best simple tip?

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