Building Quality Relationships Takes Time

It takes TIME to get to know, like & trust plan forthis in your networking & sales strategy.

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Have you ever been pounced on by a sales person the second you stepped into a store to browse?

Did you make an immediate decision to buy? Probably not…so don’t think meeting someone once will lead to immediate sales.

It takes TIME to get to know, like & trust plan forthis in your networking & sales strategy.

Networking (both in-person and with social media) is about building long-term relationships with people in your network. Let me say that again… LONG-TERM relationships. It’s not a quick, overnight fix. This requires focus OVER TIME in order to best succeed. It’s not just one conversation you are having… it’s an on-going dialog.

Networking is an excellent way to give people a chance to get to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you. It opens up communication channels that you can use to promote products or services. But just like that pushy sales person, it will actually REPEL people if your expectation is to have the first thing you say lead to income in your pocket. Instead, focus on adding contacts (which can be done strategically, planning for your later sales) and being SOCIAL.

Now, this might seem like common sense to you, but sometimes when businesses are struggling, they start REACTING and not ACTING. This is the worst time to try and start using social media. You’ll be rushed and skip critical steps that are needed for long-term success. People in your network will sense your desperation and steer clear. You won’t be able to connect to thousands of people overnight (a request I’ve had from business owners!)

The best time to start setting up social media is when you don’t have an immediate need for it. This will give you time to think clearly and pay attention to each contact you are adding. You will have time to build those quality relationships. Get to know others and they will be there when you need help sharing your important messages.

Create a plan for your brand to reach out and connect with people and communicate your message to them.

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