Invest Your Time by Using Social Networks

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“No time” is a common excuse for not setting up or using social networks regularly.

However, they can be a great way to find more time in a busy schedule.

Use social profiles to prioritize your contacts and focus on your target audiences.

It’s simply impossible to develop deep relationships with EVERYONE that you meet. So instead of scheduling an initial introductory coffee or phone meeting with EVERYONE, use a social profile to see if the person is a good match and whom you are looking to connect with.

Invest Your Time by Using Social Networks

Develop both broad networks and deeper relationships with key contacts.

Think of this as your COMMUNITY and your TARGET AUDIENCES. Every day you can be in touch with the areas of interest that matter the most to your business. Get to know specific people better if they are in your target audience and you want to move the relationship along. This process will allow you to decide if a longer meeting with them will be a good investment of time (for both of you), based on common interests and business goals.

Read profiles and updates of your contacts before your next phone call, email or meeting.

We are all much more than our business card or even our website. What we choose to share on social networks on a regular basis reflects our personality and values. Use the information you learn from what your contact has shared to spark conversation in real life to build better relationships. This practice will give you a broader, more up-to-date picture of a business and the personality of your connections.

Update your own profiles and share regularly.

If every week just ONE of your contacts learned more about you and your business through your profiles, at the end of the year that’s 52 relationships that have been enhanced. Your profiles are online 24/7 and are easily sharable as free advertising. Your sales conversations become warm leads. Each update remains online and builds over time, so it’s truly an investment in building future relationships.

Do you see social networking as a waste or an investment of your limited time?

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