Using Your Blog to Save Time & Boost Business

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Your time each workday is very limited.

As a business owner, it is even more important to spend the bulk of your time closing the sale, not qualifying leads.

Blogging can be a time-saving and cost-effective way to communicate your message to a broader audience.

Blogging can be used as a part of a marketing strategy to effectively replace many traditional marketing activities like cold calling, press releases, and telemarketing campaigns.

Blogging for business

Blogging for business is a more efficient use of time

How many times have you wished you could add one more hour to your workday? Did you know that you can use business blogging to replace:

  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions
  • Cold calling
  • Writing and scheduling press releases
  • Planning and attending pricey events to generate interest in your product, service, or brand

Less cold-calling =  more time to close the sale

Cold-calling is time-consuming. It starts with generating and qualifying leads and includes writing scripts and making the initial call. If your target isn’t available upon initial contact, you need to try again. That can all add up to hours of your time. But, when you blog, which takes just 10-20 minutes of your time, you reach an unlimited amount of readers. Plus, the same information you repeat with each call can be:

  • Posted to your blog
  • Referred to endlessly
  • Broadcast to your target audience with the click of a button

Business Blogging = Press Releases

Writing and scheduling press releases is not a quick-and-easy task. Because of the specific format press releases follow, most of them require a quote from a key player in your company to strengthen their perceived effect. Obtaining that quote is often a difficult challenge; it requires someone else to make time in their busy schedule to write.

But when you blog for business, you:

  • Communicate the same information you’d share in a press release
  • Announce your news in a more consumer-friendly voice
  • Further brand yourself an expert in your industry

Boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines require new content to keep ranking your site. Translation: Google and other search engines want to show the freshest content when someone searches. If you want to increase your chances of being found online, start writing. Your posts will also give you something to share on social networks.

Use blog posts with your sales process

Pick a topic that you spend a lot of time talking about over & over. Instead of having LONG conversations, simply offer to send someone a link for more info. That’s how MANY of my posts started…offline conversations! I write them up and then have a whole library that I can share the next time the topic comes up.

Write a blog post instead of your book

It can also be a way for you to put down in writing ideas that you have burning inside your head…you know, the ones that will be in your book one day. Writing a few posts on a regular basis is faster and easier that the hundreds of steps involved in publishing a book (that then requires hundreds of more steps to actually SELL your book). Write some blogs first, grow your business, and then see if you still have time to do your book. 🙂

Hire help with your blog

Depending on your subject matter, you may be able to hire a ghostwriter for your posts. You also could work with someone to capture your ideas as a draft, then edit your posts. Or you can write them, but hire help to post and format. I’ve worked with my clients in all of these scenarios.

Is blogging right for your business? It depends…

Your time is valuable. You CAN invest a few minutes to reach a larger audience with your & spend the rest of your day closing the deal. The tricky part about developing a marketing plan is deciding if this is the most effective way for YOUR NEEDS.

That’s where working with a strategist comes in. I’m never going to tell you that you HAVE TO do any marketing method. I review the pros and cons, then match it to your unique situation. Let’s talk!

Hello Service-Based Entrepreneur,

I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by reading blog posts full of ideas, tactics & tools. Be honest...

  • How frustrated will you be trying to implement this on your own?
  • How much time will you waste if it's not your next best step?
  • Did you just take the time to read this but you won't make any changes?
  • Or are you ready to take a small next step to build your brand?

Get clarity & your next step forward!

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