Consistent Brand Identity QuickHelp

Consistent Brand Identity QuickHelp

Can you relate to any of these common scenarios?

  • Your marketing materials are outdated, mismatched or non-existent.
  • You’re not sure if your “do-it-yourself’ marketing looks attractive to leads.
  • You’re spending countless hours on “easy” DIY marketing tools.
  • You’re embarrassed to give people your business card.
  • You avoid sending people to your website.
  • Your competitors are getting more business than you are.

Attract leads & referrals with your brand.

Use my designer’s eye to review your marketing materials to evaluate if they are presenting a professional image & the right marketing message for your target audience. Get DIY tips or work with me to update.


One of your most important assets is your business reputation. Effective branding seeks to improve and expand that reputation.

Your brand is the idea or image that is identified with your business.

Build your brand

Branding is when you market that image to the public in a consistent way throughout your marketing channels. When you properly brand your business people will recognize your business, products and / or services even if they’re abundantly available by other companies.

Bring your vision to life & boost credibility with simple, but effective marketing materials.

Use my designer’s eye to review what you have in place, recommend sources for templates and graphics and help you stretch your marketing budget. I can also give you an honest assessment to let you know if it’s time for a professional upgrade or if you can DIY it as you’re starting up.

From $500 or 2-payments of $250

Attract leads & referrals with your brand.

Review your marketing for suggestions to:

  • Deliver your message
  • Provide credibility
  • Target the right market
  • Motivate buyers
  • Create loyalty
  • Create value
  • Stand out from your competition

BRANDBecause your brand reflects how others see your business, it’s impossible to see things from this outside perspective.

You can ask friends and associates, but they may be afraid to tell you that your brand doesn’t look professional or is sending mixed messages for fear of hurting your feelings!

The impact of this is you may THINK your brand looks great, but the message it’s giving off is very different from what you think.

You’ll know your brand is aligned when you have a flood of leads, people complimenting you on how great your brand looks and saying they are excited to talk to you because of [insert the exact marketing message that you hope they get here]. Otherwise, there’s most likely room for improvement.

Or perhaps, like most busy Entrepreneurs, your website, social media profiles and other marketing are outdated or incomplete.

It’s one more task on your TO-DO list that keeps getting pushed aside for things that may SEEM more important. My approach is to look at what’s REALLY important and give a high priority to these updates. They can be simple. You may be able to do some of them yourself. But the longer this is outdated, the longer your “virtual salesperson” of your brand is attracting the WRONG PEOPLE TO YOU. You will continue to work harder for less results.

Work with me to review your marketing materials so they share your compelling story to attract ideal leads & referrals, 24/7.

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An outside perspective will get you unstuck & focused.

Save your time, money & energy by taking the right steps forward!

There is no reason to stay overwhelmed!

When you are too close to the problem & working hard every day, it is extremely difficult to take a step back and look at things from a high-level perspective.

  • What should you keep doing?
  • What needs to change?
  • And how can you maximize your return on investment?

Work with me to figure out your path forward! Use my expertise to zero in what you need to do next to increase profits & decrease stress. I use a structured yet flexible approach to make adjustments to your brand. Over time, these add up to big results. Start with your next small step!

Get answers, tips & instant feedback!

Packages combine Strategy Sessions with Training—ACTION GUIDES, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS covering all the basics. This will help you to gather your scattered ideas and help me to quickly understand the specifics of your business situation. Customize your plan with our phone calls & email follow-up.

Options from $250

Create your custom action plan!

Create your custom action plan!

  • I’ll select training for your specific needs. No need to sort through generic training trying to find the part that applies to your situation.
  • Use the action guides, worksheets, checklists & examples to gather your thoughts. This fast-forwards your plan transforming scattered ideas into a structured approach.
  • Work at your own pace. Use the training to prep for our call and to adjust your plan as needed.
  • Use a strategy call to review the worksheets, asking questions & brainstorming. I’ll provide examples, targeted tips, ideas & next steps. My outside perspective will break through your barriers.

eBOOKS, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS to help you gather your ideas!

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Work at your own pace, focusing on the elements YOU need most!

My package will jumpstart your brand identity strategy.

Add on additional strategy & design help as needed.

From $500 or 2-payments of $250


Strategy + Training Package Includes:


    Accelerate your success with support for your questions & specific challenges. Use the call to review your worksheets & focus on solutions. Quickly get unstuck by creating your plan to move forward.


    After our strategy session, you’ll also get support via email. I will answer your additional questions, support you as you implement new tactics & give suggestions if you get stuck (with no shaming)! Accountability to keep you moving forward!


    After our strategy session, you may have additional questions or need a review of how your message was implemented. Check back in to stay on track!


    Accelerate your success with online training! Get your ideas out of your head and into a plan. The training covers all of the essentials, so you can use your 1-on-1 time with me on specific solutions.
    Work at your own pace, and use my support to customize to your plan.


    I have years of experience to fast-forward your brand building process. Recommendations for marketing, networking, sales, design, websites & productivity. Use on your own or get my help. Save your time, money & energy by not having to figure everything out yourself!


    Need more help with your marketing & brand? Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.

This process can be combined with design, website development, tech setup & other implementation services.

From $500 or 2-payments of $250



This package is designed to get you started on your most urgent challenge. At any time, you can add time with Brand Builder Blocks (30-min, 2-, 5-, 10- or 20-hours) to get more help with strategy, branding, design or tech setup.

Additional training is also added with each Block. I can also recommend additional packages for specific needs. This creates a totally customized plan to work with your goals, budget and schedule.

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