Profitable Business Plan Essentials

Profitable Business Plan Essentials Profitable Business Plan

Can you relate to any of these common scenarios?

  • You’re launching a new business & don’t know where to focus.
  • Your business plan has changed (or you don’t have a plan).
  • Your cash flow is inconsistent and/or you want to increase it.
  • Your brand is overly complicated or a hodgepodge of offerings.
  • You want to increase your prices and/or streamline your work flow.
  • You have unfinished business ideas & projects.

Get answers, tips & instant feedback!

When you are too close to the problem & working hard every day, it is extremely difficult to take a step back and look at things from a high-level perspective.

  • What should you keep doing?
  • What needs to change?
  • And how can you maximize your return on investment?

Work with me to figure out your path forward! Use my expertise to zero in what you need to do next to increase profits & decrease stress. I use a structured yet flexible approach to make adjustments to your brand. Over time, these add up to big results. Start with your next small step!

Work at your own pace, then customize your plan with strategy phone calls.

Options from $185 or 2-payments of $99

Get answers, tips & instant feedback!

The secret to making money with your brand…

You need a profitable business plan! Seems simple, but many people skip this. Zero in on your best service, then focus your marketing to generate more income with less effort!


  • Increase your cash flow with your fastest path to profits
  • Save your valuable time & money with a CRITICAL checkpoint
  • Maximize your profits with optimal pricing & packaging

The “Profitable Business Planning” Package

Why keep struggling trying to figure it all out yourself?

I will help you to review your Profitable Business Plan, both for your fastest route to income and beyond. Every time you add or update your services, you can use this same process.

I will use my expertise to give you a custom selection of essential strategies and training.

This eases your stress of trying to figure out your next best step. It keeps you focused on what is truly important vs. a lot of busy work in doing research to try to learn business planning from books, webinars, podcasts and trial and error.

eBOOKS, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS to help you gather your ideas!

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Work at your own pace, focusing on the elements YOU need most!

Increase your cash flow

with your fastest path to profits, optimal pricing & promo offers.

  • Working with paying clients
  • Scheduling discovery sessions with leads
  • Actively asking for referrals
  • Following up with contacts
  • Attending the right networking events
  • Promoting your fastest path to profits
  • Sending email followup to your contacts
  • Phone calls to your contacts
  • Sending proposals or billing clients
  • Speaking or teaching to attract leads

An outside perspective will get you unstuck & focused.

Save your time, money & energy by taking the right steps forward!

From $185 or 2-payments of $99


Strategy + Training Package Includes:

  • Brand Builder Essentials Questionnaire

    What do you have in place already? What do you need to build? The questions are specific to each of the 6 topics to help you to expand, deepen, reveal and shift your goals and priorities. Gather your thoughts and begin to create your strategic plan.

  • 45-min Phone Strategy Session

    Accelerate your success with support for your questions & specific challenges. Use the call to review your worksheets & focus on solutions. Quickly get unstuck by creating your plan to move forward.

  • Action Guides, Checklists & Worksheets

    Get your ideas out of your head & start your plan. This also helps me to quickly understand the specifics of your business situation. The training covers all of the basics, so you can use your 1-on-1 time with me on specific solutions.
    Work at your own pace, and use my support to customize to your plan.

  • Recommendation of Strategies, Tech Tools & Resources

    Recommendation of Strategies, Tech Tools & ResourcesI have years of experience to fast-forward your brand building process. Recommendations for marketing, networking, sales, design, websites & productivity. Use on your own or get my help. Save your time, money & energy by not having to figure everything out yourself!

  • NEXT STEPS: Proposal for Future Phases (Optional)

    Need more help with your marketing & brand? Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.

From $185 or 2-payments of $99

Get more help as needed!

This package is designed to get you started on your most urgent challenge. At any time, you can add time with Brand Builder Blocks (30-min, 2-, 5-, 10- or 20-hours) to get more help with strategy, branding, design or tech setup. Additional training is also added with each Block. I can also recommend additional packages for specific needs. This creates a totally customized plan to work with your goals, budget and schedule. 

Business is complex since there are many moving parts.


$185 ($249 value) or 2-payments of $99

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