4 Tech Tools to Simplify Your Marketing

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4 Tech Tools to Simplify Your Online MarketingAre you feeling overwhelmed with your long list of online marketing TO-DOs? How will you ever find the time to get them all done?

I know how you feel. I’ve been able to greatly reduce my stress level by setting up business systems with various tech tools. Even if you only get 10-20% more efficient in your marketing, this can lead to a HUGE reduction in your overwhelm.

Here are my favorite picks to set your business up for success:

Keep track of everything with Trello!

Trello.com is my magic solution to make sure things get out of my head and onto a TO-DO list. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to see what I want to do – then easily sort it into what I actually have time for. Many things that I used to stress over are simply taken off my priority list!

I love this system because it is very flexible. You can color code tasks, add files or checklists and change the priority at any time. You can access your lists from mobile devices or your desktop, and also share it with other people. It’s a system that will grow with your business.

Learn more about Trello

“Make Room” for your important marketing tasks

Need to plan around important business & life obligations? Create multiple Google calendars that can be viewed together to easily find time for your priorities (and help you say NO to over-booking!)

Once you can see your schedule, it’s easy to “find time” to do your marketing. Set aside small chunks of time to connect on social networks or do other marketing. Refer back to your Trello.com lists and get your marketing priorities done.

Learn more about Google Calendars

Use a tool to Easily Schedule Appointments Online

The purpose of all networking and marketing is to eventually have sales conversations. Meetings with prospective customers are the fuel that makes your marketing machine run.

There are several scheduling tools on the market. It stops the endless emails and voicemails trying to arrange meetings. It lets your prospects and clients easily select a time with online appointment scheduling. It also syncs up with your Google calendar to create a system that works for you, 24/7!

Contact me for a recommendation – I am changing my system as of June 2020

Use Buffer to Schedule Posts on Social Networks

One of the biggest hurdles to posting regularly on social networks is being online to post during the peak times your target audience is also online. Fortunately – you don’t have to be online all of the time! Take one of the small chunks of time that you now have available, and use Buffer to schedule posts on your social networks that will go live online at the times you select.

You can share news stories, blog posts & pictures to your Facebook profile & Page, Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles & Company Page and Google+ Pages.

Learn more about Buffer

Try these tools out to start reducing your marketing overwhelm!

I’ve used these tools to go from scattered to focused. They have allowed me to clear many of my tasks from my plate and focus my marketing efforts = better results with less effort. You can do it, too! If you have any questions about these tools, just ask!

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