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Simplify the process of signing contracts, NDAs, employment agreements and more with secure, legally binding e-signatures. No more faxing, scanning or mailing needed!

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Use RightSignature.com to electronically sign documentsStreamline your sales process

All businesses have documents that need signing. For years I’ve used electronic PDFs via email but the process of getting them signed was still a bit slow. I tried creating online forms from Adobe Acrobat, but people would get confused.

I’d get back some scanned via email, some sent by mail and some faxed, which meant my office organization was a bit sloppy.

My problem is totally solved thanks to RightSignature.com!

My sales process is streamlined and organized without any paper clutter. My clients find it super easy to sign contracts, which means we can focus on building our businesses — not shuffling papers!  This is also something that you can outsource to an assistant as part of a standard process.

How it works

It’s super easy to create a document to sign from a PDF, Word, or Text document. You can add fields to create the form – check boxes, text fields, initials and signature.


The document will be sent for signing via email. For users on the go, you can get signatures on iPads or iPhones.


RightSignature tracks the process of showing that people view and sign it. You can send an email reminder. When it’s done, all parties will get a copy sent to them via email. As the account owner, you’ll also have a copy organized in your secure archive.

It also has some other advanced features, like saving commonly used documents, custom branded signing webpage and intergration with other software like Google Drive, FreshBooks, Dropbox, Basecamp, Evernote and Salesforce.com.

I selected Right Signature after doing a comparison to other digital signature software and liked the feature list the best.

View comparison of RightSignature, EchoSign (Adobe), DocuSign and Silanis
See examples of how it works

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