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Promote your online brand with every email you send.

MARKETING TIP: Use an Email Signature with Your Contact DetailsI suggest including a combination of your business name, phone, email, social networks, logo or a short call-to-action.

You can even add functionality like showing your latest blog post or upcoming events (with Wisestamp).

Your email signature should include the BEST WAYS for people to reach you. Include as little information as possible, including your main contact & brand details. Then your website can include ALL of your contact information.

For example, if only a small portion of people need your fax or a main office number, then I suggest you let them find this via your website. It makes the signature much less cluttered.

Wisestamp – WiseStamp enables users to include social profiles and dynamic Email Apps in their emails. Users can design their email signature and link to their social profiles. Share Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more. WiseStamp is a web browser extension which supports Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. It integrates with webmails such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and Hotmail.

View the email signature gallery for ideas

How to create your email signature


The best option for GMAIL, GOOGLE APPS or OUTLOOK.COM – My favorite one is Wisestamp. There’s both a free one and upgrade option (I upgraded because I wanted more features). You can include images and updates from your social media or blog feeds. Is not yet available for Outlook Desktop, but you can sign up to be notified when this happens.


You can also create signatures under your Settings in Gmail.


The free way to do this is to use the built-in functionality of Outlook to add the signatures. You also may be able to have a template file. Create your signature under Tools.


Depending on your mobile device, your mail program can allow you to have a signature. Someone most likely doesn’t need to know “message was sent from your iPad”, so change it from the default.

Customize your signature to promote your brand


Have one signature for new prospects with a call-to-action to get to know you. Use another for clients (they really don’t need to be invited to do an intro call) – but they can be invited to schedule a meeting! Use another short one for replies.


  • If you are trying to build your email list, then include a link to “FREE TIPS”.
  • If you are trying to schedule meetings, include a link to your calendar.
  • If you are blogging, include a link to your latest Post (use Wisestamp).
  • Think about your users – what are you trying to do when you email them?


  • For LinkedIn, there aren’t two icons so you have to choose between linking to your PERSONAL PROFILE or COMPANY PAGE. For a individual, use the PERSONAL PROFILE.
  • For the Facebook, use either your PERSONAL PROFILE or COMPANY PAGE.
  • For Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube, use if you are active, otherwise skip.


  • Unless you are legally required to include a disclaimer, remove it (or shorten).
  • I prefer to just add my contact info instead of using a vCard.
  • Skip your mailing address.

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