Use Photos or Graphics to Stand Out On Facebook

FACEBOOK TIP: Use Photos or Custom Branded Graphics to Make your Status Update Stand Out in the Feed

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Get started today by taking a photo with your mobile device at the next networking event you attend.

FACEBOOK TIP: Use Photos or Custom Branded Graphics to Make your Status Update Stand Out in the FeedOf all of the types of content that you can share on Facebook, photos will give you the best results because they engage your contacts and reach the most people.

Even if your primary goal is to share a link or a blog post, you can really make it POP OUT by adding a photo. Share a photo from your networking event or even your travels to get there. If you are sharing a link (to a news article or your own link), you can add a screenshot of the link, a stock photo or an original photograph or a custom graphic.

Facebook - tagged photos

Post photos from networking events and tag your contacts.

Photos are also a very easy way to show your hometown spirit, your personality, and your fun side! Snap some photos with co-workers or colleagues while you are having a good time or on the road. Here’s my favorites from my hometown of Baltimore. You’ll also see me post a lot of my other old home, San Francisco. (Either way, my team will win the Super Bowl!!)

Go Ravens!

Go Ravens! Share fun photos to celebrate your town.

You can also take videos with your mobile device, but let’s just start with the EASY option!

Custom branded graphics is a more advanced option.

To really make your online brand pop, you can create images that have your logo, tagline, website URL and other visual branding elements. This blog post is an example of how this can be done. The image on the side is sized to fix well in the Facebook feed.

Make your images 536 pixels x 536 pixels, then upload to Facebook. Then you’ll see the full image in the feed. Easy trick, for maximum exposure! Check out my Facebook for examples!

Facebook Feed Example

A big graphic really jumps out when quickly looking at the feed!

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