Include Your Business Contact & Info on Your Facebook Personal Profile

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If you are connected to business contacts on Facebook via Groups, Events, on Pages or as Friends, make sure they can learn about your business from your Profile info.

Leaving this info out is like going to a networking event without business cards.

One of the fastest ways to build your business social network is to connect with business contacts with your PERSONAL PROFILE.

Wait… aren’t businesses supposed to use PAGES? Well, yes, but there are many features that allow you to connect to contacts with your personal profile: Groups, Events, commenting on your Friends’s posts or Pages. I’m connected to hundreds of business contacts through these channels and I’m always surprised how few have their business info on their profiles.

This simple update will set you apart from your competition, and assure that the people who know, like and trust you can move forward with your business.

FACEBOOK TIP: Include your business contact & info on your personal profile

View an example with my personal profile.

INFO BOX (under the cover image)

  • Link to your business Page

WORK & EDUCATION (on the About tab)

  • Link to your business Page
  • Include a description of your business

HISTORY (on the About tab)

  •  Include milestones in your business

ABOUT YOU (on the About tab)

  • Can be a combo of personal and business info
  • For an easy update, use the profile you already have for your LinkedIn profile or your bio

PAGES (on the About tab)

  • Can link to your business Page

CONTACT (on the About tab)

  • If it’s on your website or business cards, then add it here:
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website urls (this can also be other social networks)
    • Address (if you have a home office, leave this off)
  • The extra bonus for this section is it will pull into people’s mobile phones!

 Worried about privacy? Here are some additional tips:

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