WordPress 101: Understanding Pages & Posts

WordPress 101: Understanding Pages & Posts

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WordPress is built on 2 different types of content:

Pages (Static Content)

Pages allow you to manage non-blog content easily, so for example you could have a static “About” page that you manage through WordPress.  On our website, “pages” are the links across the top gray bar. Pages can be arranged in a hierarchy.  For example:

  • Our Mission
  • Our Team
  • Testimonials
  • Why Work With Us
typically viewable as “flyout menus”
  • Third Level
  • Third Level
optional.  Depending on the template this may or may not be displayed in flyout menus.

WordPress 101: Understanding Pages & Posts

Posts (Blog Content) = “Your PR Machine”

Content that is presented as latest entry first, organized into archives automatically.  This is the “blog” format, but businesses can use this to present latest news or product updates.  Use blog posts for frequently updated news and events. Posts automatically creates a “RSS FEED” that can be pulled into other Social Media sites, so posts should be used for any content that your target audience wants updates on. This would include news & events, an article series, product announcements, etc.

Organized by “Categories”

  • High level classifications, think of this as “umbrellas” of related information
  • Built into the navigation structure

Organized by “Tags”

  • More granular than categories.  Another way of cross-referencing.
  • Added as you create the post.

Learn more about Categories & Tags »

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