WordPress Horror Stories

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WordPress Horror StoriesMost people never think about it until it happens, and the consequences can be deadly.

One day your site goes down.

For every minute that your potential customers can’t find out about your business online… YOUR BUSINESS IS CLOSED!

Or even worse, it’s been hacked and all of your customers’ information has been compromised. The hackers have ripped off the personal data and sold it, posing as you. Not only have you lost your website, but also your customers’ trust.

An alarming number of websites don’t have the proper security they should have. Security tools should be a basic component of any website, especially if you’re handling financial or other sensitive user data. Even if you have a small site, if you’re handling customer data, you’re a target for hackers. Without proper security, your site is wide open to attack.

All too often, people don’t think about website security until it’s too late and all is lost.

But if you’re proactive and you ensure that your site is secure from the very beginning, you can prevent this from happening to you.

I wrote this eBook because many business owners don’t think they REALLY NEED on-going maintenance. I know, it’s an additional expense. You can cut corners, right? If you’re thinking this way, read the report for a glimpse of what can happen.

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Be honest about your time & energy. You’re busy, and you REALLY don’t want the additional headache of dealing with WordPress issues!

I take care of the stuff that will be frustrating & time consuming for you to do yourself!

Grow your business while I keep your website safe & secure! WordPress is software with complex code and constant security threats. It is difficult to maintain it yourself.

Your website is running software (like on your computer) and it needs to be monitored frequently for updates for security and new features. It is critical to update the WordPress software and plugins in order to avoid security breaches and website hacks which target older versions of WordPress.

Your site going down is like closing your doors to new business, so this plan is highly recommended to keep your site running smoothly 24/7. The package includes continued access to the premium themes, plugins & WordPress training using our developer’s license.

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