Schedule a Call

Why can’t I just call you?

Well, you can, but I might not be available and we will start playing phone or email tag and I value both of our time.  Or you may wish to book the meeting after normal business hours. I will be checking and confirming meetings on nights and weekends!

I don’t want to use this to schedule a time! How else can I request a meeting?

I can manually schedule the meeting,
but please email me with a very wide range of times you would be available.

If I’m a current client, do I need to schedule a call?

Current clients will have access to my VIP calendar. Contact me for access. It’s a high priority for me to be available for my clients. The BEST WAY TO REACH ME is email – I will respond quickly especially to emergencies. If you have a specific part of your project you would like to discuss, my online calendar makes it easy to schedule. I will typically make this suggestion through our normal communications.

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