Continuously finding new tools and strategies

Ronnie Green“Linda is one of the founding members and is now the facilitator of the JCS Entrepreneur and Business Meetup. She is knowledgeable, warm and welcoming and she does an excellent job sharing her business and networking expertise with business owners. She is well organized and does a tremendous amount of preparation to lead the group in sharing best practices. In addition, she is continuously finding new tools and strategies to increase business income for her clients and the members of our group.”

Ronnie Wishneff Green
Career Coach/Employment Counselor at JCS
September 4, 2014

Sees the big picture AND all the moving parts

Marlene McCallum“Linda expertly guided me through the process of translating my business objectives into a highly functional online presence. She is incredible at holding the “big picture” while managing all the moving parts. The final product – my website – is a huge source of pride and is a highly effective business-generating tool. Hire Linda to cut through the noise!”

Marlene McCallum
Professional Coach & Founder, Most Powerful Life
October 23, 2013

Makes complicated concepts fun and understandable

Candy Spitz“Linda Schenk created and delivered an extremely useful workshop “7 Easy Secrets to Social Media Success” for our Chesapeake Life Planning Network meeting in April 2012. Linda is a whiz at making complicated concepts fun and understandable with her philosophy of Byte Sized Learning. She is generous with her knowledge and even helped design our marketing efforts for the meeting. Everyone present left with tools and motivation to take immediate action in growing their business presences. I highly recommend her as an engaging speaker for your programs.”

Candy Spitz LCSW, ACC, BCC
Co-Founder and Coordinator, Chesapeake Life Planning Network
May 10, 2012

Dynamic speaker & expert on social networking

“Linda represents the next wave of dynamic speakers on e-networking and internet etiquette. Linda sat on a panel with me at Alpha Kappa Psi’s Netiquette and Networking Rush event. She is a dynamic speaker and is very knowledgeable on what makes a proper social networker. Not only did the audience learn something from Linda’s insight, but I always took home get tips and tricks to internet etiquette.”

Janine Downey
Assistant Manager, International Visitors and Client Services, World Trade Center Institute

November 1, 2011

Creates your brand to reflect you, your message & mission

Coach Claudette“Linda is an amazing Social Media Coach with a tremendous amount of knowledge and patience. She asks the right questions to ensure that your website and your brand reflect you, your message and your mission. It is always a pleasure working with Linda.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Coach Claudette Gadsden-Hrobak
Hired Linda as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2010, and hired Linda more than once

August 22, 2011

New brand brought new relationships and business

Daniel Scott“Linda, is on the cutting edge technology of where social media is headed. We are only in beginning of business cycle for how people communicate with each other. It like what email was 20 years ago when your computer said from AOL you got mail. Linda has helped me immensely position my power brand to gain new relationships and new business. Her services are worth it! If you want to take your business to the next level you should hire Linda.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Daniel Scott
Hired Linda as a IT Consultant in 2010, and hired Linda more than once

May 28, 2010

Clear guidance in simplistic terms

“Meeting Linda has been quite a beneficial experience for me. Her guidance, in the most clearest and simplistic terms has been an aid and a confidence booster for me. In her field, she is truly expert and I would not hesitate to refer her.

Mort Teisch, M.B.A.
Turnaround Manager, Business Consultant, Certified Seminar Leader & Author
July 20, 2009

Created an eye-catching website

Joycee Awojoodu“Linda was amazing to work with during the process of designing our website. She incorporated her other business Social Media Works and as a result we were left with a stellar website! She is an expert in her business and I recommend her to anyone that is looking to incorporate social media into their business as well as people looking for a new eye-catching website!

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Joycee Awojoodu 
Hired Linda as a Web Design in 2009
April 14, 2010

Created a websites that got numerous compliments

Iterny Joseph “Linda provided us with an amazing website at a great price. We have gotten numerous compliments on our site and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Iterny Joseph 
Hired Linda as a Writer/Editor in 2009, and hired Linda more than once
March 17, 2010

Provided unique ideas & technology solutions

Steph NicollLinda provides unique ideas and solutions. She stays up to date on current web design and hosting issues, delivers quality work, and takes the initiative to provide alternative ideas or suggestions. Linda designed both of my company websites, and continues to assist us with edits and updates as needed.”

Stephanie Nicoll
Owner, Special Dive Service (SDS)

June 2, 2007

Created a website and guided the content-creation process

Rob HudsonLinda not only helped me develop a web site; she also guided me through outlining and culling the content for said site. She is patient and flexible with her work and does not “keep the meter running” like so many other designers. Her work is top-notch and I would not hesitate to contact her for future design work.”

Robert Hudson
Web and Database Developer, Writer, Teacher

November 1, 2005

Wealth of knowledge, skill and passion

“Linda is a creative talented team player. A delight to work with. She brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and passion to the project.

Carrie Jones
July 6, 2004

Looks at projects as piece of the bigger puzzle

Ed Kapuscinski“Linda was excellent to work with. She knew a great amount about a wide range of topics, and this translated into her being able to look at projects as a piece of a bigger puzzle. Linda was great to work with and is sincerely missed.”

Ed Kapuscinski
CMS Guy, former co-worker
April 27, 2008

Experience and creativity top choice for critical projects

David Arthur “Linda is the best web designer of all my contractors. Her experience and creativity is second to none. I had the pleasure of working with Linda for many years and she is always my choice for our critical projects. I would highly recommend Linda for any web based project.” March 18, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

David Arthur 
Hired Linda as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2002, and hired Linda more than once

Combines business strategy, design, mentoring with kindness and humor

Lisa Westbrook“Linda Schenk is an exceptional designer. She has an ability to gather and understand extensive business requirements and synthesize them into a coherent, functional, and visually impressive site.

Beyond this, Linda is a mentor. She delights in teaching her skills to others and helping them realize success. Her input into my career from design and software skills I have learned, as well as an outlook towards coworkers, is immeasurable. Without her mentor-ship, I may never have found my own design voice. I give her my strongest recommendation as a high level team member or leader of a design group.

Her kindness and sense of humor will make even difficult projects easier to get through with success. Should the opportunity present itself, I would jump at the chance to work with her again.”

Lisa Westbrook
User Interface Designer, Fatbrain worked directly with Linda in 2000-2001
March 14, 2008