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October 1, 2018

Build Your Business in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Pick your highest priority goal – I recommend one linked to your fastest route to income – and dedicate just 15 minutes a day to working on it. Schedule it on your calendar & work with no interruptions for a amount of short time.
September 9, 2018
It takes TIME to get to know, like & trust plan forthis in your networking & sales strategy.

Building Quality Relationships Takes Time

Have you ever been pounced on by a sales person the second you stepped into a store to browse? Did you make an immediate decision to buy? Probably don't think social media will lead to immediate sales.
August 18, 2018
LinkedIn is available 24/7 to help you build business relationships + get leads & referrals!

8 Easy Ways to Expand Your Network with LinkedIn

I meet a lot of people that spend valuable time, money & energy networking, yet they never use LinkedIn. Then there are those who quietly go about building their LinkedIn presence, using sound strategies, an understanding of their target subscribers – and of LinkedIn, its mission and its unique advantages. They easily generate solid leads and grow their business. Here's some easy ways to get started.
August 14, 2018
Feeling unmotivated? Hit the reset buttonwith one of these9 practical ways toget unstuck!

Feeling Unmotivated? Hit the Reset Button!

Everyone goes through periods of not wanting to do something. But if you’re stuck on an important business task, your path to profits is blocked. Try one of these 8 practical ways to improve self-motivation. It happens to everyone – you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t get yourself to get it done!
July 21, 2018
Network locally to meet people at both social & business events. Building relationships can be enjoyable!

Network Locally Offline to Market your Online Business

Does the idea of BUSINESS NETWORKING make you cringe and seem like a chore? Many people are shy or intimidated by face-to-face networking. Here are some tips to make it easier…
July 16, 2018
You need to have room in your busy schedule for new clients in order to get new clients.

How Many New Clients Can You Fit into Your Busy Schedule?

If you’re like many Entrepreneurs, you want more clients. So how many? There are 45 days left in 2013. So how many new clients can you actually take on during that time? Now it is a great time of year to ask yourself this important question.
July 2, 2018
Grow your network by touching base with 3of your contacts per week to see how youcan help each other.

Touch Base with 3 of Your Contacts Every Week

Often we think of marketing as something new & complex that gets promoted to the masses. But effective marketing builds on relationships over time.
June 22, 2018
If you don’t havea target market,you simply can’tsell your stuff.

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever noticed different businesses that popup and then before you know it, they are gone? One of the reasons this happens is a lack of proper marketing skills.
June 2, 2018
Trying to sell a wide variety of products & services often leads to overwhelm. The cure is focus & planning!

11 Ways to Get Focused to Ease Stress & Boost Your Business Profits

Many times Entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and scattered because they are trying to sell a wide variety of products and services. Focus on your best offerings to ease your stress AND be profitable faster.
March 15, 2018

Use Multiple “Touches” to Get to Know Your Contacts—Online & In-Person

It takes more attempts than most people think to get through to top prospects. It can often take seven, eight, nine, or more touches to get through to someone. Quality relationships take time to build and maintain, but social media makes this process easier!
February 15, 2018

Are You Distracted by Bright Shiny Objects?

Don't let cool technologies or thinking that "everyone is doing it" distract you from the REAL REASON to use marketing... and that's TO REACH YOUR BUSINESS GOALS.
December 6, 2017

6 Easy Tips for Connecting with Your Business Cards

Your business cards are a valuable marketing tool, but are often overlooked for more complex marketing methods. Here are some easy tips to boost your connections. TIP 1: Keep them with you always. Put a few extra cards in your wallet, gym bag, car and suitcase right now so you have them.
July 16, 2017
Add one marketing tactic at a time to end overwhelm & increase impact. Then repeat.

End Overwhelm & Increase Your Impact by Adding One Idea at a Time

Is your current TO-DO list: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, blogging, SEO, teleseminar, live event, write a book…?
June 2, 2017
Plan for BOTHnew opportunities & unexpected distractions to ease your stress!

How to Plan for the Unexpected in Your Business

Yes, it's great to think about where you'll want to be at the end of the year, but if your goal is too big, you won't get there. Let's say you want to make 6-figures this year. Instead of focusing on this end result, shift your focus to the smaller, do-able things that will result in your larger goal.
April 20, 2017
Struggling to growyour business?Lack of focus often increases overwhelm& decreases profit.

5 Tips to Improve Your Focus

Staying focused on one thing at a time seems to be a recurring challenge for many business owners, including myself. My TO-DO list was endless. Can you relate?
March 25, 2017

Spring Your Marketing Forward

Springtime is the perfect season for placing renewed focus on your goals. As the dreariness starts to wear away and natural, warm beauty starts to peep through the clouds, your mission can be to gain inspiration from what's around you and set out to pick up where you left off with a new outlook.
February 17, 2017

Hold the Vision, Trust the Process of Building Your Business

Do you ever get frustrated because your business isn't to the "next level" already? I know I do. This week I found myself beating myself up for not meeting an imaginary deadline I had to launch something new in my business.
February 9, 2017

5 Steps To Go From Idea to Action

As an Entrepreneur, do you have a mind swirl of new ideas all of the time? Of course, some of these are going to be golden nuggets, but most are going to be bright shiny objects that distract you if you let them. Since it can be hard to filter your ideas, here are 5 steps to help you find the gold but leave the rest.
January 1, 2017
Instead of making resolutions, start by making GOALS —the kind you can actually follow through on.

25 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, another new year, aka “the time to set goals.” Why is it, then, that people we all know (maybe you included) fail to achieve new year’s resolutions? If you’re like most of us, you rarely keep your New Year’s resolutions longer than a few weeks. Here's some tips to help.
September 22, 2016
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as an Entrepreneur. Learn how to say NO to save your time & energy.

How To Say NO To Simplify Your Schedule

It's easy to feel overwhelmed as an Entrepreneur. Networking events, invitations for coffee or lunch, partnership opportunities, business ideas, new projects and more...Even though you have a full schedule, do you feel guilty when you say NO?
September 6, 2016
It’s hard to connect to “EVERYONE”. A generic message doesn’t appeal SPECIFICALLYto anyone.

10 Ways to Identify Your Target Market

Are you spending a lot of time, money & energy on your marketing and networking efforts, but you aren't finding your ideal clients?
August 11, 2016
Are you planning for success? This is your first line of defense to beat the statistics of business failure.

Beat the Statistics – Top 10 Reasons Why Most New Businesses Will Fail

You are most likely aware of the alarming statistics regarding the possibility of your business failing. These 10 tips are your first line of defense in ensuring that you do not become a statistic yourself.
July 7, 2016
How to Refocus When You are Feeling Distracted

How to Refocus When You are Feeling Distracted

Between emails, social media, pressing problems, never ending tasks and distractions, it can be difficult to get things done. Sometimes that looming task or project, just doesn't seem to. Try these ideas to get refocused now.
May 30, 2016
Stop overloading your schedule! Before you say YES to a networking event, stop & think.

Before You RSVP as “YES”, Stop and Think

This statement sounds so simple, but I could give you dozens of examples of people NOT putting it into practice. I've been guilty of this same cycle myself. But now I've stopped my networking overwhelm!
May 20, 2016
Feeling like youshould be doing more in your business?Stop & celebrate your accomplishments!

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Next time you are feeling less than, or feeling like a failure for not doing more, take a moment and look what you have accomplished.
April 13, 2016
Your business planmaps out the strategies that you need to be successful. So why do many people skip it?

Your Business Plan is Your Path to Success

A business plan will provide you with a focused path, which ultimately saves you from spending your valuable time, money & energy on the wrong things AND maximizing your profits.
February 20, 2016
Prepare to leave your job by setting up your online brand, sooner than later.

7 Tips to Prepare to Leave Your Job for Entrepreneurship

Many Entrepreneurs will work at a part-time or full-time job as they launch their business venture. I highly recommend this, as it's a great way to have cash flow while you are developing your other business model.
January 6, 2016
Don’t just add contacts to your email list! Ask people first & use the chance to build personal relationships.

Ask People Before Adding Them to Your Email Marketing List

Just because someone gave you their business card, it does not mean they gave you permission to added to your email list. It’s illegal (CAN-SPAM Act) and spamming people isn’t a relationship builder.
December 27, 2015
Review the past yearby looking at your business plan,passion & lifestyle.

Review the Past Year: Your Business Plan, Passion & Lifestyle

The new year is a great time for Entrepreneurs to reaffirm their goals and boost their motivation. The new year can be the perfect time to reinvent yourself, your schedule and your business's systems. It's the perfect time to start anew. There are three things about the past year that need reviewing.
November 28, 2015
Don’t take on more than you can realistically fit on your plate...or you’ll feel like you ate too much on Thanksgiving.

Business Lessons from Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving Dinner behavior the same thing I see with many Entrepreneurs when creating their business and marketing plans. It's easy to get excited about the many ideas you have for marketing tactics or potential revenue streams for your business. Think about them like your Thanksgiving Dinner buffet – all so tempting…and it seems like you have to do them all at one time.
October 15, 2015
Take a focused approach to finding your ideal client.Looking “everywhere”is impossible!

Think Like a Rocket Scientist to Find Your Target

The biggest target I can think of finding is another Earth-like planet with life. The approach that scientists took can be applied to your business to find the ideal client you are looking for. It's a common mistake is to say that "everyone" is your target market so you begin the search looking everywhere.
July 24, 2015
Just adding Facebook LIKES won’t increase your profits. Build relationships IN REAL LIFE to boost sales.

Are You Looking for Facebook “Likes” or Your Ideal Client?

I was prompted to write this blog post because many people with a goal to get a lot of LIKES are struggling to make a profit.
April 13, 2015

Secrets to Increasing Customer Retention (and Profits)

The longer you have a customer, the more profitable they are. This is incentive for your business to sharpening your customer retention strategies, strengthen your client relationships & boost your bottom line with these ideas.
November 7, 2014
Keywords are legos that build your marketing message, both online & offline.

Easy Ways To Use Keywords To Build Your Brand, Online & Offline

Keywords increase search engine optimization (SEO) and make sure you are “speaking the language of your audience. This is essential, BOTH online and in conversations.
April 24, 2014
Putting the cart before the horse

The Dirty Little Secret Internet Marketers Don’t Want You To Know

Here's the unsexy truth — building your online brand before your strategy is putting the cart before the horse. And it might just kill your business. Raise your hand if you've heard this: "if you build it they will come." Get online, get a massive amount of social media followers, and you will be successful.
April 19, 2014

5 Steps to Plant the Seeds to Grow Your Network

Springtime is the perfect season for planting the networking seeds that will grow your business all year long…and you can ENJOY doing it! Networking has a huge impact on your business’s cash flow. But it’s also easy to operate in an all or nothing mode.
March 7, 2014
LINKEDIN TIP: Customize your public profile URL.

Customize Your Public Profile URL on LinkedIn

Enhance your personal brand by creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn public profile. This makes it easy to share the link on business cards and in email signatures.
February 7, 2014
FACEBOOK TIP: Join & participate in Groups to build quality relationships.

Join & Participate in Facebook Groups to Build Quality Relationships

Groups let you connect with like-minded people in public, private or secret forums. Use them to connect with business contacts from a specific networking organization or a strategic alliance. You will be interacting through your PERSONAL PROFILE. Get to know other Group members by sharing, commenting & liking on a regular basis.
January 20, 2014
Blogging on a regular basis is the fastest way to refine your marketing message.

Refine Your Marketing Message with Blogging

Every single blog post you write tightens up your marketing message. Thinking about my message on a regular basis mean that I've asked myself over and over "what does my target audience want to hear about?" This is the core of marketing.
January 16, 2014
Do You Need to Increase Your Website Traffic?

Do You Need to Increase Your Website Traffic?

Increasing website traffic is just one of many marketing tactics that a business might opt to use. Whether or not it's a good strategy for your business depends on your business model.
November 30, 2013
FACEBOOK TIP: Use Photos or Custom Branded Graphics to Make your Status Update Stand Out in the Feed

Use Photos or Graphics to Stand Out On Facebook

Get started today by taking a photo with your mobile device at the next networking event you attend. Of all of the types of content that you can share on Facebook, photos will give you the best results because they engage your contacts and reach the most people.
October 28, 2013

Easy Ways To Find Ideal Prospects

Are you wondering how to get connected to potential new clients? It may seem like an overwhelming task to find leads for your business, but you can make a big step forward in just a few minutes. Just choose one of these places where your next client is already hanging out and take action!
October 9, 2013
PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Prepare to outsource by tracking common tasks.

Simplify Your Workday AND Prepare for Expanding Your Team

You know the end result of taking tasks of your plate is a great reward, but the though of getting help can actually ADD to your stress level. This easy tip will give you an IMMEDIATE BENEFIT of saving brain power AND prepare you to outsource.
September 22, 2013

Lessons Learned From My Family’s Business

The business owned by Cousin & founded by my Uncle & his brothers, burned in a 4-alarm fire. Here are some lessons I've learned from seeing the business grow during my whole life.
August 24, 2013
WordPress 101: What Is It?

WordPress 101: What Is It?

WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. Your website will grow with your business and can be expanded as you grow.
August 24, 2013

Finding the Missing Puzzle Pieces of Your Brand

Does your head ever feel like a mind-swirl of financial goals, new ideas, deadlines, TO-DO lists of incomplete tasks for your brand and your clients and maybe even life obligations to family, friends and your own personal needs? I know it can be a challenge to see your business from a place of clarity in the middle of this mental chaos.
July 29, 2013

Are You Feeling Like a Failure for Not Doing More Marketing?

Do you find that you're constantly thinking about the list of all of the marketing things you "SHOULD BE" doing, yet feeling guilty for not doing them? I know the voice inside your head. I hear it, too. If you are in the cycle of feeling guilty for not doing more, here are a few examples that have haunted me or my clients.
July 16, 2013

How to Create Relationships with Your Local Customers

Hyperlocal marketing can be focused on a specific city, county, or even a specific neighborhood within a community. Regardless what kind of small business you have, you can benefit from a hyperlocal marketing strategy.
July 2, 2013
MARKETING TIP: Use interviews to grow your business.

How to Grow Your Business with Interviews

Both interviewing an expert or being interviewed present exceptional opportunities to expand your credibility, authority & respect to grow your business. Let's take a look at interviews in a little more detail.
July 2, 2013

Journey Toward Purpose…Reaching Your Destination with Small Steps

Originally published in On Purpose Magazine - What is your PURPOSE? That’s a big question, isn’t it? In order to bring some new perspective to this question, I’ve gather together some of my favorite quotes on the topic. Having a sense of purpose is having a sense of self.
June 25, 2013
BLOGGING TIP: Write more in less time to keep your blog fresh.

How to Write More in Less Time On Your Blog

Your blog is an important part of your business. It connects your audience to your business. It provides value and information. It sells, promotes, and increases awareness. But creating content can be time consuming. The key is to learn how to write effectively and efficiently – consistently. Learn some of the top tips and steps to make this happen.
June 8, 2013
MARKETING TIP: Share Engaging Tips & Ideas in a Branded PDF

How to Share Engaging Tips & Ideas in a Branded PDF

Think beyond business tips – try recipes, wine recommendations, travel tips & more. Mention it during a conversation, then send the PDF (with your biz info) as a follow-up to build relationships. 80% of the conversation in social networking (and in-person networking) is not about business. This gives you a great opportunity to think outside of the box when creating "compelling content" to share with your network.
June 1, 2013

Do you say YES to Every Possible Client that Comes Along?

Saying NO to people that aren't a good fit for your business is best for everyone—including the people you turn away. If you are an Entrepreneur, your cash flow might not be where you would like it to be. So you might start seeing dollar signs instead of making decisions to work with someone based on a thoughtful process. This is ACTING and not REACTING. Here's 5 reasons why you should sometimes say NO.
February 15, 2013
MARKETING TIP: Use Your Business Cards to List Social Networks & Calls-to-Action

Use Your Business Cards to List Social Networks & Calls-to-Action

Ask people to connect to your social networks, get a free report or do an intro call in a conversation & with info printed on your business card. Take a look at your business card. Is it helping you to build your online brand? If not, you are missing a simple and inexpensive way to attract people to your website, social networks and email newsletter!
January 24, 2013
FACEBOOK TIP: Include your business contact & info on your personal profile

Include Your Business Contact & Info on Your Facebook Personal Profile

If you are connected to business contacts on Facebook via Groups, Events, on Pages or as Friends, make sure they can learn about your business from your Profile info. Leaving this info out is like going to a networking event without business cards. One of the fastest ways to build your business social network is to connect with business contacts with your PERSONAL PROFILE.
January 14, 2013
LINKEDIN TIP: Use testimonials to build your credibility.

Use LinkedIn Recommendations to Build Your Credibility

Testimonials from other users attest to your professional abilities. They tell others that you're a person worth knowing, building your reputation and online brand. Learn why you need LinkedIn recommendations and how to get them.
January 2, 2013

Celebrating Your Purpose & Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Happy 2013! What does this mean for your business?! Five years ago today, I did what every Entrepreneur dreams of. I made the decision to quit my job & to believe in myself enough to launch my own business full-time. Can you see how happy I was at that moment? I want to hear about your journey! Please share about it the comments!
August 29, 2012

WordPress 101: What is a Blog?

Share Your Own "News" with a Blog. Get an overview of what a blog is and how it has changed the way we share "news". However, we do recommend you use a self-installed version of WordPress, not as the video mentions if you are going to be blogging for business.
July 7, 2012
WordPress 101: 7 Reasons to Use It to Build Your Business Website

WordPress 101: 7 Reasons to Use It to Build Your Business Website

Not sure why you should use WordPress? I list my favorite reasons why I recommend this program for small businesses who need more than a simple brochure website.
May 24, 2012

WordPress 101: Using Plugins to Add Functionality

Plugins allow your blog to have more features and to do more than it could when you first installed it.
February 22, 2012

Email Marketing 101: Branded Newsletters

No online brand is complete without building a list of loyal subscribers! Businesses can boost customer relations by engaging with your audience on a regular basis. This includes sending tips, specials or promotions, event updates or company news.
January 6, 2012

How To Start The New Year with a Plan

I've listened to several webinars to kick off the New Year and EVERY EXPERT gave the same simple advice: Your business needs a strategic plan in order to succeed. Sounds, so simple, right? Then WHY aren't you doing it?
January 5, 2012

3 Common Pitfalls When Launching Your Online Brand

So you have a new idea for a business... don't waste your limited resources by making these common mistakes that will only need to be corrected later.
January 2, 2012

Invest Your Time by Using Social Networks

“No time” is a common excuse for not setting up or using social networks regularly. However, they can be a great way to find more time in a busy schedule. Here are a few key reasons on why this is a smart investment for business networkers.
December 30, 2011

SOCIAL MEDIA: Connecting to Contacts vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The easiest way to start using social media is to focus on your friends and contacts to expand your circle of influence. Many businesses spend a fortune on search engine optimization (SEO) , internet marketing or time going to random events, forgetting to put effort into the people that already know, like & trust them!
October 23, 2011

WordPress 101: Categories vs. Tags

Categories - High level classifications, think of this as “umbrellas” of related information. Tags - More granular than categories. Another way of cross-referencing.
October 1, 2011

Sharing your Vision & Passion with the World

Close your eyes and imagine yourself connecting to others to share your PURPOSE. How are you currently letting others know about your vision and passion? When you take a trip, you can map it out or you can head in a general direction and course correct along the way.
June 9, 2011

Build Your Brand with a Consistent Username on Your Social Networks

Facebook allow you to have a customize the website address for both your PERSONAL PROFILE and your PAGE. It creates a shorter address in the format Read these essential tips before selecting your name.
May 10, 2011
SOCIAL MEDIA TIP: Share links to relevant industry news & blogs.

How to Share Links to Relevant Industry News & Blogs

Think about what your target audience would find helpful & engaging. Keep a list of your favorite sources so it’s quick & easy to find links when you do status updates. Do you find yourself at a loss when it comes time to making updates on social media?
January 11, 2011
WordPress 101: Common Questions & Objections

WordPress 101: Technical Setup (That You Can Outsource)

If you are a busy professional with little technical knowledge, and are still considering setting up WordPress yourself, take a minute and read what you need to consider.
December 1, 2010

How to Create Your USP – Unique Selling Proposition [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your USP is what sets you apart in a crowded market. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your USP.
October 21, 2010
WordPress 101: Understanding Pages & Posts

WordPress 101: Understanding Pages & Posts

WordPress is built on 2 different types of content: pages (static content) and posts (blog content) = “Your PR Machine”
October 13, 2010

Gap New Logo Fail: Lessons for Your Small Business

The concept of branding may be unfamiliar to small business owners or networkers, so let's review a brand that we are all familiar with, The Gap. They recently unveiled a new logo. Then the internet revolted.
August 30, 2010

Anatomy of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) [INFOGRAPHIC]

A unique selling proposition (USP) is a statement that explains how your business is different from everyone else in the market. It tells your customers how you can better meet their needs and what makes you special. Your USP answers your ideal client’s most important question – “What’s In It For Me?”
June 16, 2010

Who is Responsible for Facebook Privacy?

Privacy lies with YOU, not a major corporation. Here's why and 3 rules that will keep your information safe, regardless of the revised privacy rules. Also includes a funny video, so take a break and have a laugh!
June 14, 2010

WordPress 101: How To Use The Dashboard

VIDEO - The Dashboard is a tool to quickly access the most used areas of your blog's Administration and to provide glimpses into other areas of the WordPress community.
June 1, 2010

3 Simple Networking Tips

You never know where your next great connection will come from! Use these easy pointers to help broaden your network today. Always be networking and be prepared!
June 1, 2010

Email Marketing 101: How Can You Build Relationships Electronically?

Are you spending so much time on useless tasks that you are forgetting about your customers? Do you have a lot to say but need an easy way to get the message out? I feel your pain, I go through the same struggle! Here are some suggestions.
May 1, 2010

Email Marketing 101: Autoresponders

An autoresponder is an email that is sent out automatically! Businesses can use this as an e-mail marketing tool, to immediately provide information to their prospective customers and then follow-up with them at preset time intervals.
April 30, 2010

What are Keywords?

Defining your keywords is critical for a successful search engine strategy. Keywords are either a single word or a phrase.
January 21, 2010

Using a Corporate Blog to Navigate Tricky Public Relations Waters

Royal Caribbean faces criticism as it resumes travel to Haiti. Their blog opens the communication channels between the company, customers, investors and the media.
December 15, 2009

5 Keys to Understanding Your Target Market [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your target audience in is NOT EVERYONE! By focusing your energy on who you most want to work with, you will transform your business from being frustrating to freeing.
December 8, 2009

Email Marketing 101: Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?

Generate qualified leads using Social Media, then use AWeber Email Marketing for an easy, automated way keep in touch.
October 21, 2009

The 5 Essential Skills of a Master Communicator [INFOGRAPHIC]

Use these essential skills to boost your marketing effort. Mastering the art of communication can mean the difference between success and failure for an entrepreneur.
August 27, 2009

WordPress 101: Understanding the Technical Benefits

I've been building websites since 1997, and I have fallen in love with WordPress (for larger, custom websites)'s why.
July 14, 2009

BLOGGING: Saving Time While Connecting to Your Network

Your time each work day is very limited. And with our tough economy, it is even more important to spend the bulk of your time closing the sale, not qualifying leads.
July 10, 2009

The True Value of Your Brand

The value of your business to your customers goes beyond features & benefits. It’s about the emotions you evoke and problems you solve (or create) for your customers. This has a huge impact on your bottom line.
July 7, 2009
WordPress 101: Should You Use .ORG or .COM?

WordPress 101: Should You Use .ORG or .COM?

The term WordPress can cause some confusion. I explain why I recommend using an installation of WordPress running on your own servers.
July 7, 2009
How to Select the Right Services for Your Budget

How to Select the Right Services for Your Budget

What to consider when trying to select what services are right for your business... right now, and in the future.
July 7, 2009

Start with your Business Plan

Remember that document that is supposed to be the foundation of your business? Well, I also know that MANY BUSINESSES never actually got around to completing this. THE BAD NEWS - That saying, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Well, it's true. THE GOOD NEWS - Define Your Strategy by with my Simple Process
July 6, 2009
WordPress 101: Should You Use .ORG or .COM?

WordPress 101: Common Questions & Objections

We review recent conversations with our clients to help you understand the benefits of business blogging with WordPress.
June 15, 2009

14 Ways To Get More Shares on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking to boost your shares on Facebook? Instead of trying complex marketing makeovers, I suggest trying small "course corrections" to adjust what you are already doing. Here are 14 simple ways to get started.
May 29, 2009

Roadmap to Your Website’s Traffic [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know where your website’s traffic should be coming from? I get a lot of requests for increasing this. Let's take a step back and look at the most popular sources. This infographic endeavors to explain where this traffic comes from and a few tips to increase your traffic as well.
May 15, 2009

10 Easy Steps to Setup Your Email List [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the best ways to market to your network is by using email marketing, also called your "email list". However, if you've never done it before, the process and the technology involved can seem daunting.
May 2, 2009

How To Write Effective Email Copy That Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]

What do you do once you build your list and you have subscribers in your database? This is where the next step comes in!
March 10, 2009

6 Steps to Ultimate Motivation [INFOGRAPHIC]

All Entrepreneurs go through periods of not wanting to do something that is critical for their business success. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to positively influence your level of motivation.
January 15, 2009

Why Visual Content is King [INFOGRAPHIC]

Visual marketing is a major trend online that's only growing more and more popular. Marketers who use visual content get more customer engagement, more leads, and more followers, which naturally result in higher earnings.