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Brand Strategy

Most new clients start with one of these packages. Current clients can use at any time to refocus. Get answers, tips & your custom action plan! Common goals have been organized into packages of targeted solutions that every brand needs.

The most flexible solution is BRAND BUILDER BLOCKS.

You’ll get exactly what you need with a custom blend of strategy, design, tech & marketing.

You purchase time, and then you get any of my services to reach your goals!


Setup & design of a website to attract leads, 24/7. Expand as your business grows! While it’s possible to do-it-yourself, if you are not a technical person can lead to hours of frustration and big mistakes. Packages include:

Brand Design & Marketing

Professionally designed marketing materials will lead your ideal clients into your sales funnel, 24/7! Work with me to polish up your DIY marketing, customize a pre-made template or get a totally custom project. Get exactly what you need.

Marketing Messages

Attract ideal leads & boost referrals with a compelling message that showcases your value.

  • Share your value with confidence & sell without being “salesy”
  • Increase hot leads that are interested in working with you
  • Know what to say in conversations to compel leads to work with you
  • Create content to use on your website & other marketing materials

Online Reviews, Testimonials & Case Studies

Building your brand with “social proof” of your customer’s rave reviews will increase your credibility & help to attract ideal clients! Before potential customers buy, they want to know they can trust you. That’s where social proof comes in!

Brand Builder Videos

Video can expand your reach 24/7 and boost your search engine optimization (SEO)! Use video on your website & social media to speed up your sales funnel. But is video right for your business or just another TO-DO? Let’s map out your strategy and create simple videos if it’s the right option for your business.

Social Media

Connect to your network, 24/7! Simplify your social media with a custom plan. So many options, so little time! Work with me to develop your strategy, setup of social media profiles, schedule posts, design of custom graphics & more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want potential clients to find you online, 24/7? Let’s have a conversation to find out if you are ready to do on-going investment into SEO, or if you can take it off your TO-DO list! It’s not a magic solution, and business owners should understand what works and what’s a waste. You may be able to focus on local search and other simple techniques, which I can help to implement.

Tech Shortcuts

Technology helps you AUTOMATE & STREAMLINE processes for your sales funnel, WordPress, online marketing, productivity & communication. Recommendations are given to ALL of my 1-on-1 clients in order to save time, money & energy.

Google Tools

Google has a variety of tools to increase your productivity, communication & search engine optimization (SEO). I can help plan out your strategy & implement the tech setup. Solutions include G Suite—a cloud-based productivity suite—Gmail, Calendar, Office Apps, File Storage & More from Google!

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