Can you relate to any of these common scenarios?

  • You’re struggling to get enough leads or referrals.
  • You get leads & referrals, but they don’t convert into new customers.
  • You’re attracting the wrong leads & it’s wasting your time.
  • You’re working with difficult clients & it’s sucking up your energy.
  • You’ve expanded or changed your target market.
  • People’s eyes glaze over when you deliver your elevator pitch.
  • You’ve failed to set yourself apart from your competition.

Attract ideal leads & referrals as you share your value with confidence & sell without being “salesy”.

Learn how to attract ideal clients with my 4 easy steps to craft a compelling marketing message. This process will be used over & over for all of your product & service offerings! If you’ve been stuck on what to say to stand out from your competition, this is a great starting point!

Learn my easy steps to craft a compelling marketing message.

This process will be used over & over for all of your product & service offerings! I recommend this as your starting point because it touches all areas of your marketing. Your message can be used in conversations, email templates & followup, website copy, printed marketing materials, presentations and more.

Communicate your value to attract leads.

A well-crafted marketing message will demonstrate your unique benefits to compel leads to take action. This is essential to your sales process, but many busy entrepreneurs leave this up to chance. I’ve talked to many entrepreneurs who think that leads will ask exactly the right questions, and then they can answer. Or they talk about their enthusiasm for their business from their own perspective, not realizing that the reason they love it is much different than why someone would buy it.

Stand out from your competition.

Your potential clients are comparing you to other options available. Your message can be crafted to highlight what sets you apart, and how you are uniquely positioned to meet their specific needs.

Is it time for you to update your message?

Many entrepreneurs learn from trial and error that they need to shift their message depending on their target audience. My business is a great example of this. When I first started, I was heavily focused on my tech skills (CSS, javascript, HTML) and how I could work as a freelancer with website development teams. I later changed this to “My skills link together like LEGO® Bricks to create a custom fit for you.” Now my brand has evolved to my own signature system of the Brand Builder Framework, as you see on this website.

Keep evolving as you learn more about your leads and clients.

With every conversation and sale, you can make small adjustments to refine your message. Add to your message as you add additional products & services. The process you’ll learn will teach you how to easily keep this up-to-date!

Your Magnetic Marketing Message will be used as a foundational element of your brand building.