Do you have marketing overwhelm?

So many options to market your business…so little time! Every day you probably hear about a new tactic or thing you that you “must do”. You’ll be in a constant state of overwhelm unless you make a decision to focus on what’s most important.

No need to figure it out yourself…I’ll help you map out your path to success. I offer both targeted & flexible solutions to give you exactly what you need with a custom blend of strategy, design, tech & marketing. 

The right small steps forward add up over time! Working with me will speed up your progress and ease your stress. Today, make a decision that you want to get started, and let’s talk. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION »

Business is complex since there are many moving parts.
Your Plan vs. Reality

Brand building isn’t a straight line.

You can SPEED UP or REPEAT tactics for additional services, new ideas & opportunities, different target audiences, seasonal changes, etc. Start with your marketing essentials. This may be enough, or you can add advanced strategies.

You can also SLOW DOWN or SHIFT to adjust around life’s surprises—family issues, illness, deaths, the pandemic, and other things beyond your control. These things WILL happen. Plan for the expected unexpected, adjusting as needed.

You’re too close to the problem.

When you are working hard every day, it is extremely difficult to take a step back and look at things from a high-level perspective. Get feedback on ideas, brainstorming & insight to shorten your TO-DO list!

  • What should you keep doing?
  • What needs to change?
  • And how can you maximize your return on investment?
  • How can you implement the changes you need to make?
scattered approach

An outside perspective will get you unstuck & focused.

Use my expertise to break through your brand builder barriers! We start by zeroing in on your most important problem, the one that by solving, gives you the biggest return on investment. I’ll provide DIY tips, strategies and/or implementation of next steps.

Transform your vision into reality.

Leverage my 30+ years of experience.

I see the big picture of how multiple brand-building pieces fit together and blind spots that business owners miss. My passion is sharing my expertise in design, branding, strategy, website usability and creativity to fill in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to go.

I am your creative & strategic partner to help you turn goals into action & bring your ideas to life. Scattered ideas turn into solutions to avoid mistakes and leverage your limited time, money and energy to make the process of starting and growing a business easier.

Brand Builder Blocks

No need to “figure it out” by yourself.

Use done-with-you planning with my Brand Builder Toolkits!

Action Guides





You’ll get access as needed. It’s combined with 1-on-1 strategy calls & design to create your custom solution. This is similar to group training programs, but without the overwhelm of having to sort through a bunch of information to find the few golden nuggets that apply to your business. It also maximizes our time together, since you can review the basics & gather your thoughts before our calls.

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Your Custom Plan

Tell me your goals, timeframe & budget. I'll select the best service for you (first steps typically $47-250).

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