Hello! I’m Linda Schenk (a.k.a. Virtuallinda)

Marketing Strategist & Designer

Leverage my 24+ years of experience.

Since 1994, I have worked with a wide variety of companies, giving me a unique set of skills & experience with brand strategy, marketing, graphic design, websites & tech shortcuts. Use this insight to quickly overcome your brand building challenges and accelerate your success!

A little bit of my help will save you hours of frustration! Use my expertise to end your cycle of ineffective marketing with my approach to “Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.”

I offer both targeted & flexible solutions that link together like blocks of Lego Bricks® to create a custom fit. We’ll focus on a series of the right “next steps” to build your brand over time.

Use my “toolbox” of modular solutions to build your brand.

My skills & packages link together like LEGO® Bricks to create a custom fit.

Attract ideal clients & referrals to increase profits!


I work with service-based entrepreneurs. I specialize in relationship and referral marketing to attract more ideal leads, 24/7. I build your brand to enhance your reputation and make it easier for your network to connect with you.

A little bit of my help will save you hours of frustration. Many of my clients had some pieces in place, but something wasn’t quite working. My 23+ years of experience enable me to quickly zero in on the next steps forward to align and refine their brand.

I use a practical and flexible approach to “Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.” I also recommend a custom combination of 1-on-1 services including marketing, websites, brand identity, strategy, tech solutions and more. This ends the cycle of ineffective marketing tactics.

I launched my business with skills in graphic & web design, but I had to figure out the other components of business building. It was a long road, so I want to help make it easier for others.

I know what it’s like to struggle, and want to make it easier for other business owners. Woven into all of my strategic recommendations is real life experience of ways to make the business building process less stressful and more profitable. I have experienced the stress of less-than-ideal clients, of trying to offer too many services, of having to adjust around unexpected illness and other surprises.

Virtuallinda and her cat, Pixel

Showing off my geeky side with my cat, Pixel.

I’ve found balance and ways to take back my sanity and grow a profitable business that is truly what I’m meant to be doing in life. I want you to experience this, too.

I’ve been building websites since 1997, when I jokingly named myself “Virtuallinda”. The name stuck and it makes it easy to find me online (@Virtuallinda at all the social networks), at home in Baltimore, or when I’m traveling (one of my favorite pastimes)! Nope, I’m not a virtual assistant… the name came when “cyberspace” and “virtual reality” were buzzwords.

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a business strategist and designer because it’s so much a part of me. I LOVE what I do, and I LOVE helping other people with my talents and expertise.

I believe that everyone should have a virtual version of themselves that will be working when they aren’t. As a business owner, you will be working harder and wasting time, money & energy if you ignore your online brand.

Over and over, my website has allowed doors to be opened. The web connects people. Your online brand allows you to make it easier to connect to the RIGHT ones.

My online brand has made it easier for me to find new opportunities and connect with the right people to move forward. In 1998, I had survived layoffs but was looking for a job. Without even applying, The White House found my website, contacted me and offered me a job as a web designer during the Clinton administration. I turned it down to move to Silicon Valley in 1999. I searched for jobs from Maryland, using my website to showcase my abilities.

After getting laid off during the dot-com bust, my online brand helped me connect with freelance opportunities. I’ve met a ton of people (including my husband) by first connecting online with Meetup.com and other sites, then going to events in person.

As an Entrepreneur, I’ve continued to use my online brand to assist with referrals and get leads of awesome clients. I’d love to help you do the same!

I primarily work with people virtually, via phone or online, but you can also meet me in the Baltimore, MD area.

Create your compelling marketing materials.

I’ll craft your magnetic marketing message to attract ideal clients.
I can also design your brand identity, website, business cards & more.

My approach uses 6 “Brand Builder Essentials”.

This is a structured, yet flexible approach to move from scattered ideas and marketing tactics to brand building success.

ALIGN & REFINE your brand into a strong foundation

What my clients & colleagues are saying…

B'More Business Women's Connections
B'More Business Women's Connections

Networking Groups

I run two Meetup groups, B’More Business Women’s Connections and B’More Entrepreneurs. For many years, facilitated networking groups, including Business Opportunities for Women (BOW) and the JCS Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. I stopped in 2017 to follow my own advice to Simplfy. Build. Profit. Repeat.

I have strong network of high-quality business contacts and referral partners that I want to share with my clients. Networking regularly at local events is essential to my brand building process. I love to work with people and leverage our brand building efforts together.

The Sun Today

I am also co-founder of The Sun Today, an educational brand that explains the sun, space weather, eclipses & related science in an easy-to-understand way. My design and strategy helped build this community by blending education with excitement about the sun. It reaches millions of people, and the site is often quoted by reporters globally. I leveraged our brand as part of the Education & Public Outreach (EPO) Team for the Transit of Venus, winning the Robert H. Goddard Team Award and the NASA Headquarters Team Award in 2012. Strategies from this project can be applied to your brand.