Social Media

Expand your reach with social networking profiles.


Facebook Business Pages & Profiles

You wouldn’t make your own brochure and hand it out, don’t create your own Page on Facebook. It has an even greater reach than a brochure! Coaching can help you understand the differences between Facebook Pages and Personal Profiles.


LinkedIn Personal & Company Profiles

Your profile is your story, your brand, a way to share why you make a good contact. But it’s NOT just an Online Version of your CV or Resume. We can optimize your profile and sync it with the rest of your accounts.


Pinterest Setup & Sharable Graphics

We’ll get your account optimized to promote your brand & create original graphics for you to share with your followers!

Google Plus

Google Plus

Google+ is a more relaxed, cleaner and simpler competitor to Facebook. It integrates in with other Google sites, such as Gmail, YouTube and search. Both brands and individuals can have profiles.


Twitter Backgrounds & Setup

Connect with your audience AND start building a record in search engines of keywords that are important to your brand. Also very useful to gather content that you can share on other social media channels.


YouTube & Other Video Sites

Start making the transition to using online video TODAY! Secure your brand name and create a channel, bookmarking your favorite videos that other people have posted! Your profile can contain keywords and links back to your website.

Find your target audience & network online AND sets you up to easily connect on a regular basis.

Brand Builder System - Community Builder

Make updates on your social networks from your mobile devices & desktop – saving you countless hours of time & frustration! Without this in place, you may have a strategy, but you’ll be on your own to implement it. I’ll help you find your target audience online and connect your social networking accounts to them so you can build relationships.

You’ll get quality sources for social media updates, blog posts, custom graphics, and presentations. I’ll help you implement a tech setup so you can EASILY monitor and then share these sources on your social networks.

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