Magnetic Marketing Message Makeover

Magnetic Marketing Makeover

Can you relate to any of these common scenarios?

  • You’re struggling to get enough leads or referrals.
  • You get leads & referrals, but they don’t convert into new customers.
  • You’re attracting the wrong leads & it’s wasting your time.
  • You’re working with difficult clients & it’s sucking up your energy.
  • You’ve expanded or changed your target market.
  • People’s eyes glaze over when you deliver your elevator pitch.
  • You’ve failed to set yourself apart from your competition.

There is no reason to stay overwhelmed!

  • Share your value with confidence & sell without being “salesy”
  • Increase hot leads that are interested working with you
  • Know what to say in conversations to compel leads to work with you
  • Create content to use on your website & other marketing materials


Let me help you to craft your marketing message to attract your ideal clients! When you are too close to your brand & working hard every day, it is extremely difficult to take a step back and look at things from a high-level perspective.

This package combines Strategy Sessions with Training—ACTION GUIDES, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS covering all the basics. This will help you to gather your scattered ideas and help me to quickly understand the specifics of your business situation. Customize your plan with our phone calls & email follow-up.

Attract ideal leads & referrals to increase profits!

A well-crafted message will demonstrate your unique benefits to compel leads to take action by communicating your value.

This is ESSENTIAL to your sales process, but many busy Entrepreneurs leave this up to chance. I’ve talked to many Entrepreneurs who think that leads will ask exactly the right questions, and then they can answer. Or they talk about their enthusiasm for their business from their own perspective, not realizing that the reason they love it is MUCH DIFFERENT than why someone would buy it.

Entrepreneurs learn from trial and error that they need to shift their message depending on their target audience.

My business is a great example of this. When I first started, I was heavily focused on my tech skills (CSS, javascript, HTML) and how I could work as a freelancer with website development teams. Now I say “My skills link together like LEGO® Bricks to create a custom fit for you.”

Your marketing message will always be evolving as you learn more about your leads and clients.

With every conversation and sale, you can make small adjustments to refine your message. Add to your message as you add additional products & services.

The goal of your magnetic marketing message is to reach your fastest path to profits.

How To Create a Magnetic Marketing Message

Work with me to craft your compelling message!

$499 ($948 value) or 2 payments of $275

Magnetic Marketing Message MAKEOVER

Strategy + Training Package Includes:


    We will review your business goals (short-term, 90-day, long-term) & create an initial plan for creating your magnetic marketing message. ($99 value) Get an overview of the 4 repeatable steps that will be used.


    Get help creating your marketing message! Insight on how to apply the 4 steps based on your unique goals, budget, business plan, target market, sales funnel & more. ($700 value) Get customized tips & strategies based on your desired results.


    Accelerate your success with online training! Get your ideas out of your head and into a plan. The training covers all of the essentials, so you can use your 1-on-1 time with me on specific solutions.
    Work at your own pace, and use my support to customize to your plan.


    Need more help with your marketing & brand? We can work together to support your business growth. Get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.

eBOOKS, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS to help you gather your ideas!

Create Your Magnetic Marketing Message

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Take a look inside the training

Work at your own pace, focusing on the elements YOU need most!

Create your custom action plan!

  • How to define your target market, desired results, features & benefits and calls to action. This repeatable formula can be used for ALL of your marketing to easily attract the right clients.
  • Use the action guides, worksheets, checklists & examples to gather your thoughts. This fast-forwards your plan transforming scattered ideas into a structured approach.
  • Work at your own pace. Use the training to prep for our call and to adjust your plan as needed.
  • Use a strategy call to review the worksheets, asking questions & brainstorming. I’ll provide examples, targeted tips, ideas & next steps. My outside perspective will break through your barriers.
Act Now

This process can be combined with design, website development, tech setup & other implementation services.

$499 or 2-payments of $275



This package is designed to get you started on your most urgent challenge. At any time, you can add time with Brand Builder Blocks (30-min, 2-, 5-, 10- or 20-hours) to get more help with strategy, branding, design or tech setup.

Additional training is also added with each Block. I can also recommend additional packages for specific needs. This creates a totally customized plan to work with your goals, budget and schedule.

I want you to experience a breakthrough like this:

“Wow! I got more from our ONE PHONE CALL than out of the marketing program I paid thousands of dollars for. Thank you so much…can you see me smiling? I now have clarity, renewed enthusiasm for my business and a clear path forward.” -M.A.

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