Before potential customers buy, they want to know they can trust you. That’s where social proof comes in!

You have probably looked at reviews and testimonials before making a buying decision.

  • Social proof is a strategy marketers use to win you over
  • Taps into the need to be liked
  • Something that has existed for a long time and is a part of everyone’s life
  • Are you missing out on a great strategy that your competitors are doing?

It’s probably on your TO-DO list to add social proof your own business. But where do you start?

There are many options—Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook reviews, LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials on your own website, case studies. I’ll help you create an action plan to decide what the best option(s) are for your business. I have templates that you can use to implement your plan. I can also do updates to your online brand and/or marketing materials to gather your online reviews, testimonials and case studies.

Once you have the reviews, it’s important to showcase them online and in other marketing so potential customers see them. This will also help you to keep adding positive reviews!

Occasionally, you may get negative reviews. I can also help you develop a response plan to improve your online reputation.

Let your past clients tell potential new clients about how great you are!

Online Reviews

Online reviews, testimonials & case studies are an important part of a repeatable referral strategy.

What is Social Proof?

  • People base their decisions on what those around them have done
  • If others made a certain choice, there must be merit to it
  • Works on every level of society

Why is it Important?

  • Not just a trick but a psychological tool
  • Powerful and engenders trust
  • Tells prospective customers that they can trust the company

Combine with Social Media

  • We’re relying more and more on social media
  • You hear the voice of a business’s customers
  • This voice is extremely persuasive

A Stamp of Approval

  • A past client endorsement offers a positive impression
  • Validation of the decision the prospective customer is making
  • Lends you value and credibility
A referral marketing plan is an easy path to success!
A referral marketing plan is an easy path to success!

Training & Resource Library

No need to “figure it out” by yourself…use my shortcuts & strategies!

Action Guides




Strategy + Training to Accelerate Your Success

As needed, I’ll give you access to a custom selection of ACTION GUIDES, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS covering all the basics. This will help you to gather your scattered ideas and help me to quickly understand the specifics of your business situation.

Additional recommended RESOURCES & VENDORS also provided. Work at your own pace, then customize your plan with strategy phone calls.

All services include access to recommended Training & Resources!

Social Proof worksheets available include:

Create Your Plan

  • Current Online Reputation Assessment Worksheet
  • Evaluating Your Network & Planning Who To Ask for Social Proof

Case Studies

  • Simple Plan for Gathering Case Studies
  • Checklist for Collecting and Publishing Case Studies
  • Case Study Interview Sheet
  • Case Study Template


  • Simple Plan for Gathering Testimonials
  • Checklist for Collecting and Publishing Testimonials
  • Sample Testimonial Questionnaire


  • Simple Plan for Gathering Referrals

Additional Social Proof training topics available include:

  • 17 Ways to Build More Credibility with Your Website
  • What is Online Reputation Management?
  • 5 Easy Steps to Create and Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Protect Your Online Reputation with These 5 Simple Tips
  • How to Repair Your Online Reputation When the Worst Happens
  • The Most Effective SEO for Reputation Management
  • What to Look for When Hiring an Online Reputation Management Service
  • Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools
  • Top 10 Best Practices for Social Proof Success
  • Top 10 Social Proof Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Harness the Power of Social Influence to Increase Your Conversions and Sales
  • The What and How of Social Proof
  • Obtaining Social Proof from Your Customers
  • Beyond the Testimonial: More Tactics for Using Social Proof
  • Putting Your Social Proof into Practice
  • Keep Building Your Social File
  • Top Online Reputation Management Tools
  • What Does an Online Reputation Manager Do?
  • The 8 Most Damaging Online Reputation Mistakes You Can Make
  • Creating an Online Reputation Damage Control Strategy
  • Protecting Your Online Reputation – The Importance of Privacy Settings
  • How Klout Can Help You Manage Your Online Reputation
  • 6 Creative Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation
  • How to Respond to a Negative Comment Online
  • Assembling Your Reputation Management Team
  • 50 Online Credibility Tips
  • How to Respond to a Negative Comment Online
Training & Resource Library
Training & Resource Library
Training & Resource Library

Create your custom action plan!

  • I’ll select training for your specific needs. No need to sort through generic training trying to find the part that applies to your situation.
  • Use the action guides, worksheets, checklists & examples to gather your thoughts. This fast-forwards your plan transforming scattered ideas into a structured approach.
  • Work at your own pace. Use the training to prep for our call and to adjust your plan as needed.
  • Use a strategy call to review the worksheets, asking questions & brainstorming. I’ll provide examples, targeted tips, ideas & next steps. My outside perspective will break through your barriers.