Every business dreams of having customers find them online!

First, know that I don’t consider SEO to be a magic solution. It takes effort.


There are many marketers who are selling Entrepreneurs on the idea of search engine optimization. Webinars, podcasts, workshops, blog posts present SEO as *THE ANSWER* all to sell very expensive services that can start at $1000-$1500/month. Less expensive solutions that promise high ranking on Google are probably a scam. Sadly, I have yet to find a reliable source who can really deliver what they claim.

My goal is to educate and reset your expectations so you can develop a REALISTIC plan. I don’t want you throwing money at a solution that you THINK will work, but in reality it will take constant effort and on-going investment.

However, there are things your business can do, especially on the local level.

Getting the basics setup and utilizing local search techniques will give you a solid foundation if you want to expand your search engine optimization efforts. Or you may discover that SEO isn’t a good option for your business and you can take it off your TO-DO list! Trust me, narrowing your marketing focus with what you DON’T need to do is one of the best ways to SIMPLIFY. BUILD. PROFIT. REPEAT.

Let’s talk about your options!