$250 or 2-payments of $135

Need help with your website, email, social media, email marketing or other challenges?

Many Entrepreneurs experience growing pains with their online brand setup. Perhaps you built it yourself and made some mistakes. Or the person you hired disappeared and is no longer responding to your requests. Or maybe you’re ready to streamline your setup.

This package can also select a website builder & design. We will review your specific needs & what’s already in place. This is a great starting point if you want to build your own website or work with me to create it. Save time, money & energy by setting it up right from the start.

I can help with all of these scenarios and more!

Tech Inspection

This package is designed to take a peak “under the hood” and see what’s going on. From this point, we can recommend solutions to your challenges.

Based on your desired results, I’ll recommend a combination of

Marketing + Design + Websites + Tech +
Strategy with Brand Toolkits


    We begin with getting access to your current accounts (such as web hosting, WordPress, email, etc.). It’s important as the business owner to have this access organized, too.


    Next, we will review your tech setup, requirements & resources. May also be combined with a phone call to review your goals. If it doesn’t take this long, you’ll have a credit towards additional work. We’ll take a look “under the hood” to see what’s going on.


    You’ll then get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training to reach your desired results. Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.


    We will review your custom proposal to build your brand. Finalize your next action steps to reach your desired results.

Are you wondering why this is a paid service? Looking into tech setup that someone else did can be like opening up a can of worms. It’s a mystery that we need to figure out, and this takes time on your behalf. Before we can give you a proper estimate on future phases, we need to see what we are working with. Otherwise, it would be like saying we can build a second story onto your house—and be fully responsible for it—but building it on a cracked foundation.

You have my guarantee that if things turn out to be easy & quick, you’ll have a credit of time to be used for strategy, design or tech setup in the next 120-days.

Virtuallinda Guarantee