Remodel your scattered ideas into a profitable business model, brand identity & marketing message.

Grow your dream business with less stress!

Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.

Scattered Ideas to a Profitable Plan
    Imagine building a dream business that:
  • Gives you financial security & supports your desired lifestyle
  • Fuels your passion by leveraging your unique talents
  • Energizes you by working with ideal clients & referral partners
  • Runs smoothly with systems setup to bring you leads, 24/7
  • Frees up your time by changing busy work into effective actions
  • Turn your vision into reality with THE BRAND BUILDER SYSTEM.

Along with your strategic plan, I can design & execute your brand identity to bring your vision to life with a WordPress website & marketing materials.

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Strategy + Design + Marketing

Attention Highly Motivated Entrepreneurs!

You have the freedom to build a business based on what YOU really want, not what someone else says you are “supposed” to do. If this is the vision of what you want to build, The Brand Builder System is the way to do it. It combines STRATEGY + DESIGN + MARKETING to achieve your desired results. 

I am your creative & strategic partner. My passion is sharing my expertise in design, branding, strategy, website usability and technology to fill in the gaps between where you are now and where you want to go.

Brand Builder System - Foundation

I see both the big picture and details to you quickly focus on your desired results.

Your custom action plan is summarized in a visual action guide that makes it easy to stay on track.

I also design & execute your brand identity with a WordPress website, business cards & marketing materials.

I’m your accountability partner to help you consistently take action (and adjust around life’s unexpected surprises.) I execute many of the changes for you (especially all the tech stuff that’s been driving you crazy!)

The Brand Builder System will create & implement a business, marketing, sales & networking plan that is effective & custom for your goals.

Want to know more? Please explore my site & contact me with any questions.

I have a TON of free resources & information that I make available to help Entrepreneurs that aren’t quite ready to make the commitment to move forward. Start by picking a few and executing the tips.

Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda)

Growing your business CAN be easy…if you work with an expert! Success will come from consistently taking byte sized steps forward…and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

My goal is YOUR success!


When you are ready, let’s talk in a no-obligation 45-min call »