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Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda)“Save yourself hours of frustration while also increasing your bottom line! I’ll guide you through the confusion of building your brand with my expertise in branding, strategy, design, technology and my ability to think outside of the box.”— Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda)

Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda) is a brand strategist & designer. She works with highly-motivated coaches, consultants and experts to turn scattered ideas into a profitable business model, brand identity and marketing message. Her 7-step process, The Brand Builder System, will quickly and easily reduce your overwhelm while increasing profits. Her clients get a custom combination of her expertise in branding, marketing, strategy, graphic design, technology and creativity to focus on their unique desired results.

Linda is also co-founder of The Sun Today, one of the leading hubs on solar physics and space weather. This popular science brand has reached over 2 million people through social networks and media coverage.

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I created a less stressful approach for building your profitable business with branding & marketing…

After seeing busy Entrepreneurs spending their precious resources—time, money and energy—with results as effective as pouring water through a sieve. My method helps my clients get clarity on what they need to do – and what they don’t – so they can INVEST their limited resources wisely for a greater ROI. It’s all mapped out in a visual action guide.

Yet I’ve also seen Entrepreneurs stuck in “analysis paralysis”. They spent TOO much time planning, and nothing ever gets implemented. They get stuck learning new strategies & tactics from info products & programs.

Why work with me? My integrated strategic planning, design and implementation will fast-forward your results AND save you time and money with a streamlined approach. A business coach may have a standard system and ideas. A virtual assistant can do your setup, but only if you give them specific instructions.

I work with business owners on a strategic design approach that is focused on your desired results.

Build Your Brand in 7 Steps

My system eases the stress of building a profitable business »

The Sun Today — A Successful Global Community

The Sun TodayIn just a few years, I have worked with Dr. C. Alex Young to develop a thriving community around his niche. IN HIS SPARE TIME (working full-time with a long commute) he communicates in just minutes a day with followers all over the world. He has used my strategy system to break this down into byte sized steps.

This is a process that busy professionals can duplicate for their own businesses.


Sees the big picture AND all the moving parts

Marlene McCallum“Linda expertly guided me through the process of translating my business objectives into a highly functional online presence. She is incredible at holding the “big picture” while managing all the moving parts. The final product – my website – is a huge source of pride and is a highly effective business-generating tool. Hire Linda to cut through the noise!”

Marlene McCallum
Professional Coach & Founder, Most Powerful Life
October 23, 2013

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