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Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda)“Save yourself hours of frustration while also increasing your bottom line! I’ll guide you through the confusion of building your brand with my expertise in branding, strategy, design, technology and my ability to think outside of the box.”— Linda Schenk (Virtuallinda)

I work with highly-motivated coaches, consultants and experts to turn scattered ideas into a profitable business model, brand identity and marketing message. My 7-step process, The Brand Builder System™, will quickly and easily reduce your overwhelm while increasing profits.

I construct custom solutions that leverage technology with my expertise in branding, marketing, strategy, graphic design and creativity to focus on your unique desired results. 

I see the big picture of how these pieces fit together and blind spots that business owners can’t see all by themselves. I provide solutions to avoid mistakes and leverage time, money and energy to make the process of starting and growing a business easier.

When I was starting out, I took a longer road to success than necessary, so it’s important for me to help others who need support.

I know what it’s like to struggle, and want to make it easier for other business owners. Woven into all of my strategic recommendations is real life experience of ways to make the business building process less stressful and more profitable. I have experienced the stress of less-than-ideal clients, of trying to offer too many services, of having to adjust around unexpected illness and other surprises.

Virtuallinda and her cat, Pixel

Virtuallinda and her cat, Pixel

I’ve found balance and ways to take back my sanity and grow a profitable business that is truly what I’m meant to be doing in life. I want you to experience this, too.

I’ve been building websites since 1997, when I jokingly named myself “Virtuallinda”. The name stuck and it makes it easy to find me online (@Virtuallinda at all the social networks), at home in Baltimore, or when I’m traveling (one of my favorite pastimes)! Nope, I’m not a virtual assistant… the name came when “cyberspace” and “virtual reality” were buzzwords.

I honestly don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a business strategist and designer because it’s so much a part of me. I LOVE what I do, and I LOVE helping other people with my talents and expertise.

I believe that everyone should have a virtual version of themselves that will be working when they aren’t. As a business owner, you will be working harder and wasting time, money & energy if you ignore your online brand.

Over and over, my website has allowed doors to be opened. The web connects people. Your online brand allows you to make it easier to connect to the RIGHT ones.

My online brand has made it easier for me to find new opportunities and connect with the right people to move forward. In 1998, I had survived layoffs but was looking for a job. Without even applying, The White House found my website, contacted me and offered me a job as a web designer during the Clinton administration. I turned it down to move to Silicon Valley in 1999. I searched for jobs from Maryland, using my website to showcase my abilities.

After getting laid off during the dot-com bust, my online brand helped me connect with freelance opportunities. I’ve met a ton of people (including my husband) by first connecting online with Meetup.com and other sites, then going to events in person.

The Baltimore Entrepreneurs Meetup Group - Brainstorming & Breakthrough IdeasI love working with Entrepreneurs to find a clear path forward to build a business with their passion and expertise.

I regularly facilitate conversations on business topics with several local networking groups, uniting together new and experienced Entrepreneurs to learn from each other. I also use my blog to share education and insight on the business building process.

I am also co-founder of The Sun Today, one of the leading hubs on solar physics and space weather. This popular science brand has reached over 2 million people through social networks and media coverage.

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I created a less stressful approach for building your profitable business with branding & marketing…

After seeing busy Entrepreneurs spending their precious resources—time, money and energy—with results as effective as pouring water through a sieve. My method helps my clients get clarity on what they need to do – and what they don’t – so they can INVEST their limited resources wisely for a greater ROI. It’s all mapped out in a visual action guide.

Yet I’ve also seen Entrepreneurs stuck in “analysis paralysis”. They spent TOO much time planning, and nothing ever gets implemented. They get stuck learning new strategies & tactics from info products & programs.

Why work with me? My integrated strategic planning, design and implementation will fast-forward your results AND save you time and money with a streamlined approach. A business coach may have a standard system and ideas. A virtual assistant can do your setup, but only if you give them specific instructions.

I work with business owners on a strategic design approach that is focused on your desired results.

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