Do you have some marketing pieces in place…but something isn’t quite working?

My approach uses 6 “Brand Builder Essentials”.

If any of these are missing, outdated or not in alignment,
it is very difficult to attract leads and referrals.

Business plan, Marketing message, Sales Funnel, Brand Identity, Networking Strategy, Referral System

Brand Builder Essentials Profitable Business Plan Magnetic Marketing Message Streamlined Sales Funnel Consistent Brand Identity Targeted Networking Strategy Repeatable Referral System

scattered approachA scattered approach to building your brand = MORE work and FEWER results.

Unfocused effort is a waste of time, money and energy. Because you are so close to the problem, and working hard every day, it is extremely difficult to take a step back and look at things from a high-level perspective.

Often new tactics (Facebook ads! Speaking events!) or quick solutions (webinars, online programs, coaching programs and retreats) may seem like the answer…but they just lead you farther off the path of success and your overwhelm increases.

We start by zeroing in on your most important problem…the one that by solving, gives you the biggest return on investment. 

You can SPEED UP or REPEAT this process to make adjustments for new services, target audiences, opportunities, etc. You can grow your business by tweaking your Essentials, and if needed, by adding on advanced strategies and brand updates.

You can also SLOW DOWN to adjust around life’s surprises—family issues, illness, deaths, and other things beyond your control. These things WILL happen. You want to plan for the expected unexpected and keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

This is a structured, yet flexible approach to move from scattered ideas and marketing tactics to brand building success.

I work with my clients (in as little as 30-mins) to provide perspective and a clear path forward.

Use my toolbox of skills, including marketing messages, graphic design, web development, tech setup and strategy to create your custom solution.

Profitable Business Planning

Increase your cash flow with your fastest path to profits, optimal pricing & promo offers.

Magnetic Marketing Message

Attract ideal leads & referrals as you share your value with confidence & sell without being “salesy”.

Streamlined Sales Funnel

Setup systems that work 24/7 to book your business solid with ideal clients that you love.

Consistent Brand Identity

Bring your vision to life & boost credibility with engaging marketing materials.

Targeted Networking Strategy

Free up your time by only going to the RIGHT events & getting focused on easy social networking actions.

Repeatable Referral System

Don’t leave this to chance! Create your plan for a steady flow of leads = MORE sales with LESS effort.

Virtuallinda-Linda SchenkA little bit of my help will save you HOURS of frustration!

Since 1994, I have worked with a wide variety of clients & projects, giving me a unique set of skills & experience to apply to your challenges. Most likely, you have some pieces in place already—we will build on this.

Success will come from consistently taking byte sized steps forward. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

Have questions? Let’s chat about your options!

My goal is YOUR success!


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