Get expert insight & on-going support with my laser-focused Marketing QuickHelp strategy package!

Are you a service-based entrepreneur who wants to...

  • Get answers, valuable tips & instant feedback?

  • Save time by avoiding marketing mistakes?

  • Save money by using the best strategies & tools?

  • Have a scalable solution that works at your pace & budget?

  • Leverage my 27+ years of marketing expertise?

Get expert insight & on-going support with my laser-focused Marketing QuickHelp strategy package!

Are you a service-based entrepreneur who wants to...

  • Get answers, valuable tips & instant feedback?

  • Save time by avoiding marketing mistakes?

  • Save money by using the best strategies & tools?

  • Have a scalable solution that works at your pace & budget?

  • Leverage my 27+ years of marketing expertise?

Stop trying to DIY your marketing!

Use my expertise for DONE-WITH-YOU help & an outside perspective to fast-forward your marketing! It’s so much easier with a team member who cares about your success.

My outside perspective will get you unstuck & focused.

Let’s map out the next steps for larger project OR zero in on a specific challenge, such as…

Brand Strategy
Target Markets
Marketing Messages
Design Critique
Website Review
Networking Plan
Tech Shortcuts
Google Tools
Sales Process
Referral Ideas
SEO Techniques
Social Media

Marketing QuickHelp

Strategy Package Includes:


    For new clients, 1st month of service or for restart after 90-days. We begin by reviewing where you are now & where you want to go. Questions provided electronically before our call, with time for me to review. Provide an overview for me to understand your business & goals.


    My outside perspective will get you unstuck & focused. Accelerate your success with laser-focused support for your questions & specific challenges and/or an overview to determine the next steps for a larger project. Quickly get unstuck by reviewing options to move forward.


    After our strategy session, you’ll also get weekly support via email. I will answer your additional questions, support you as you implement new tactics & give suggestions if you get stuck (with no shaming)! Accountability to keep you moving forward!


    I have years of experience to fast-forward your brand building process. Recommendations for marketing, networking, sales, design, websites & productivity. Use on your own or get my help. Save your time, money & energy by not having to figure everything out yourself!

  • NEXT STEPS: Proposal for Future Phases (Optional)

    Need more help with your marketing & brand? Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.


    You’ll get special pricing on additional support calls or blocks of time for larger projects, and priority support on my schedule. This creates an affordable & flexible way to have expert help as your business grows!

Create a framework for your marketing growth.

Your business (and life) will have ups & downs, especially in this “new normal”. The targeted strategy + on-going support⁠ in this package is designed to help you NOW & in the FUTURE⁠—at a flexible pace & budget. It’s a unique solution you won’t find elsewhere!

  • Focus your scattered ideas

    with an outside perspective to outline a path forward

  • Answer your questions

    so you don’t waste time trying to figure it out

  • Plan your next steps

    for your next 90-days and beyond

  • Reduce stress & overwhelm

    by simplifying your marketing TO-DO list

  • Invest your budget wisely

    with recommended DIY or cost-effective solutions

  • Free up your time & energy

    with tech solutions to streamline your workflow

Keep adjusting your plan…

Your Plan vs. Reality

To learn more, just click the blue text below:

End your overwhelm, simplify your TO-DO list & more…

DIY website builders mean you could do-it-yourself, but it can still be time-consuming. Let me save your time & energy!Are you in a constant state of overwhelm because you are investing precious time, money and energy in one-sized-fits-all programs, the wrong business models, random marketing tactics or expensive tech systems & support?

As a business owner, you also have many questions about branding, marketing & technology that pop up almost daily. How do you get the answers you need to implement the solution as fast as possible?

I also believe that Entrepreneurs can build a successful business from their desired results — a perfect blend of their business plan, passion & lifestyle. But let’s face it, it can be nearly impossible to gather your ideas together & implement on your own.

Imagine having a CUSTOM plan, support & guidance to reach the vision you have for your dream business. Working together, you’ll always know your next best step and “course correct” quickly and efficiently to adjust to market changes and opportunities.

I am your strategic partner to help you turn goals into action, bring your ideas to life & focus on effective, low-cost marketing strategies (I can also implement them for you!) I’ll guide you through the confusion of building your brand with my expertise in branding, strategy, design, technology and my ability to think outside of the box. I offer personalized 1-on-1 support by phone, email & online training to help you grow your dream business.

Simplify. Build. Profit. Repeat.Business & marketing strategy maps out your fastest path to profits…while reducing your overwhelm! Planning will take things off your TO-DO list and save thousands of dollars & countless hours. My approach zeros in on your strategy FIRST to then make smart, effective branding decisions.

Strategy will guide ALL business decisions surrounding your networking efforts online and offline. This includes where you spend your valuable time, your money, whom you need to hire to help you and how you communicate your brand 24/7. Strategic planning will help you make better business decisions that are best for your brand and utilize technology to your benefit, ultimately saving you significant time and money. We highly recommend that your business approach this part of the process seriously and plan for it to be a part of your budget and time allotted for the project.

What topics or questions can we discuss?

Expert insight & brainstorming to get more clients with a shorter TO-DO list!

Use this 30-min strategy session to get quick answers & feedback:

  • Refine ideas & gain clarity to determine your next step forward.
    • Prioritize your marketing & business plans…move ahead, pause or stop?
    • Outside perspective to quickly filter numerous options.
    • Brainstorming to help you “think out loud” & narrow your focus.
    • Help early in the process to get feedback BEFORE you take action.
  • Get a second opinion or professional critique of your marketing.
    • Review your brand from your ideal client’s perspective (not yours).
    • What do I think of your website or marketing materials?
    • What other suggestions do I have?
  • What are the pros / cons of specific marketing tactics?
    • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Local networking events
    • Blogging & more…
  • What DIY or cost-effective options may work for you?
    • Save time by not having to review multiple options yourself.
    • Get recommendations and learn what to avoid.
  • What marketing strategies & pitfalls should you be aware of?
    • Fast-forward your process by avoiding mistakes.
    • Learn lessons from my 23+ years of experience.
  • How can various tech tools & solutions help your business?
    • Tips and hacks to solve common problems or speed things up.
    • What’s really necessary vs. “nice to have” or a total waste?
  • On-going support to keep answering your questions…
Get more help as needed!

Business is complex since there are many moving parts.Add on time to implement your ideas with marketing messages, websites, graphic design & more!

This package is designed to get you started on your most urgent challenges. Use Brand Builder Blocks (30-min, 2-, 5-, 10- or 20-hours) or other packages of targeted solutions to get more help with strategy, branding, design or tech setup. This creates a totally customized plan to work with your goals, budget & schedule. Let’s get started to build your brand!

What my clients are saying…

The goal of this package is to review your business & goals together, so I can provide help.

It takes additional time to start (or restart) working together. The first month is $250, which includes a new client intake and/or getting caught up with changes in your business.

After this, we may agree to continue with additional support within 90-days (optional, as needed) based on this client intake at a rate of $150 for an additional 30-days OR $125/month on-going. If you have significant changes during this time period, we will discuss options. 

This package also qualifies you for special rates on Brand Builder Blocks, and additional 30-min calls for $57 ($10 savings).