25 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions, start by making GOALS —the kind you can actually follow through on.

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It’s that time of year again, another new year, aka “the time to set goals.”

Why is it, then, that people we all know (maybe you included) fail to achieve new year’s resolutions?

Instead of making resolutions, start by making GOALS —the kind you can actually follow through on.

GoalsIf you’re like most of us, you rarely keep your New Year’s resolutions longer than a few weeks. Perhaps you get overwhelmed and have trouble with your resolutions because they are too ambitious. Or maybe you give up because immediate progress is hard to see and you lose motivation. Or maybe you make too many resolutions, and start the new year trying to change EVERYTHING.

As you wrap up the last year and look back on what you wanted for your business growth, are you resolving that it will different this year?

Unfortunately, for most entrepreneurs, it’s even harder to keep your resolutions, both personal and professional. You might be ending last year with things still on your to-do list. A few weeks into January, you’ll get sucked into the everyday routine of the many tasks you have to do with your limited time, money and resources. You may not be working “normal work hours” yet and so it’s easy to get distracted and and fall back into the same old routines.

Whatever your reason, it’s possible to make adjustments in your approach until you get what you want. To help change the outcome this year, here are 25 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Set yourself up for success by taking byte sized steps!

Instead of making resolutions, start by making GOALS —the kind you can actually follow through on. Make effective goals that support you and lead you toward the destiny you desire. Create unstoppable momentum by creating goals that lead to small, continuous victories. Get help to stay accountable.

Focus on what kinds of changes you really want to make in your business. Do you want to increase your income (by how much exactly)? Do you want to change your focus to a field that you really LOVE (and have a sustainable business while you ramp up)? There are all kinds of things you may want to do, both big and small. In order to get them done, you have to first get started.

set and reach goal conceptWrite down the actions you must take to reach your goal. What one small action can you take today to move yourself closer to your goal? Take that action, and write down actions you can take each day for the next ten days. When you do, you’ll create unstoppable momentum toward the success you deserve.

When you decide what really matters to you and break it down into small chunks that are easy to handle, you keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. If you still feel overwhelmed, break your resolution down further. The big dream at the finish line will motivate you and the small steps to get there will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Remember to reward yourself at each small victory. Keep reminding yourself about why you’re doing the things you’re doing. That way, you’ll stay motivated and excited throughout the year to come.

Here’s to your success in the new year!

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