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Go Daddy $ sale 125x125 Domain names are your URL, a.k.a. “what you type into the address bar of your web browser to view your site”. This is done through a “Registrar”.  If you are looking to see if your domain name is available, follow the link and use their search box. If you find a domain name you like, don’t delay. With 5 or more purchased, the PRIVATE REGISTRATION IS FREE!  NOTE: DO NOT ADD ON EMAIL, HOSTING, SSL CERTIFICATES, OR OTHER ADD-ONS, BUT DO GET PRIVACY!

Click here to register a your domain name(s)

Once someone else registers your name, you can’t easily get it back. You can buy the rights to use a domain name for 1-year or more. I suggest that you purchase EVERYTHING related to your brand:

  • Your business name(s) and variations that are commonly used
  • Your name
  • Your social networking usernames
  • Your tagline
  • Product or service names
  • Ideas or concepts that are a key part of your business messaging
  • .NET, .ORG versions of the most important ones
Right-click to download the checklist
for selecting a domain name & username

Contact us to assist you in registering your domain names.

We will help you purchase it IN YOUR NAME with us as the admin contact. This is very important. We have taken over as web developers for clients that found out they did not own their own domain name!

Other domain registrars (like Network Solutions) are more expensive or may be cheaper but have bad quality service, which is why I recommend GoDaddy.

Let’s discuss this during our coaching sessions.

  • If you need multiple domain names (most businesses do, for your business names AND your name), then start by seeing if your desired names are available. Follow this link and use their search box. If you find a domain name you like, don’t delay. With 5 or more purchased, the PRIVATE REGISTRATION IS FREE! Contact us to review suggestions for names.
  • Do not add on any additional services except for PRIVACY.
  • Watch this video for help. NOTE: I do NOT endorse the maker of this video.
  • If you only need 1 domain name AND you are paying for yearly hosting with Bluehost, then it includes 1 domain name registration. You may purchase it here (+ $10 for domain privacy). Please let us know your choice and we will assist you with setup.
  • Then follow the steps below.

  • Get the username, password, and contact info for your registrar.
  • This is emailed to you when you register.
  • Forward access info emails to so we can setup your site.
  • IMPORTANT: Verify that your domain names are registered to YOU and not your last web designer. Check this by doing a “WHO IS” Search at this link:
  • Check how much you are paying yearly. GoDaddy is reliable & inexpensive, and we can help you transfer it.
  • Check when your names are up for renewal, and to make sure you renew.

RECORD ALL INFORMATION RELATED TO YOUR DOMAIN NAME. Consider this “your keys to the kingdom” and follow all of these security measures:

  • Fill this out electronically and send us a copy so we can access your website.
  • ONLY GIVE THIS INFORMATION to people you totally trust, and change the password as soon as they are done accessing.
  • PRINT OUT a copy of all of this information in your secured business records.

  • Your domains will be up for renewal in 1 year or more (depending on the length of time you registered it for). MAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THESE DATES. Keep your contact information up-to-date with GoDaddy and you will get reminders of renewals.
  • When it comes time to renew, I suggest CALLING GODADDY AT 480.505.8877. & asking for their lowest price. Often this will save you money.
  • You may wind up purchasing domain names that you no longer need. If you are SURE that it won’t be part of your brand ever again, you can let it expire.
  • If ANYONE out there thinks it is still part of your brand, I suggest keeping it. We recently had a client let their domain expire, and now a CASINO owns it. It was very recently associated with their brand and now could have a negative impact.
  • Switch to GoDaddy if you registered it with another company and it’s about 60-days from renewal.

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