FROM $1250 or 4-payments of $315*, upgrade as needed.

Wix-monitorMany website builders claim you can do-it-yourself, but it can still be extremely time-consuming. Time = money.

WORK WITH ME to create the best website possible for your budget.

You’ll be able to add content and edit as needed…without the headache of the design and setup! DETAILS »

I’ll tell you where you can save your money vs. investing it with professional help. 

Avoid the headache of trying to learn new software, figure out what to say and make mistakes that cost you leads. Trust me, even with my expertise, the first time I try something new online, it’s a total pain!!

I am here to help you with custom support. I’ll help you determine what parts really ARE easy to do-it-yourself VS. what is fast & easy for me to do for you. I can also answer your questions, troubleshoot tech issues, help you craft your magnetic marketing message, create your brand identity & keep you focused on your fastest path to profits.

My package is designed to get you started, and you can on support as needed.

IMPORTANT: Quotes for this project DO NOT INCLUDE any strategy, logo design or content development time. We add this on with a 30-day strategy package (from $49/mo) and additional blocks of time.

  • A clear purpose, brand, and final content is required for website launch.
  • Clients typically need help with this, so please plan for additional time in your budget.
  • The less clear you are on your goals, the more time you’ll need to successfully launch.
  • To cut down on this requirement, provide FINAL content at project start, so my focus will just be on building the site—or we can add on time to work on your content together.
  • A logo is not required, as your business name can just be a simple font. Design time includes a color palette.

* Package requires an on-going support package (from $49/mo) to give us time for basic strategy & project management.

But isn’t it easy to “Do-It-Myself”?

Example Client Projects

Moving Concierge
ProtectPro LLC
Century Resume Website
Century Resume Website
Guidance Redefined Website
Guidance Redefined Website
Guidance Redefined Website

Note: Some of the example websites are no longer online per the client’s decision. Please review my portfolio of WordPress websites to see my full capabilities that will be applied to building your basic website.

Wix Templates

IMPORTANT: Website builders offer thousands of templates to choose from, and selecting what works best for your business is NOT just about what looks pretty at first glance. My service includes narrowing your choices & helping you to finalize your selection based on your specific needs.


This package quickly gives you the best website possible with a limited budget.

I want you to get online as fast as possible with a great website to attract ideal clients & referral partners! To accomplish this, you’ll need to trust me to use my 20+ years of website experience to build it…balancing your budget, goals & time.

The package does not include multiple rounds of changes, reminders to provide content, extensive back & forth or delays in your response time. YOU CAN ADD ON TIME & BUDGET FOR ADDITIONAL CHANGES.

If you know that you prefer more input in the process OR you will need more time so you are a happy client, please let me know this up front so I can better estimate your project. I’m flexible! 🙂

Powerful features to make your website:

  • Drag & drop website builder

    Text is edited just like in a word processor.

  • Beautiful template designs

    Easy to customize. Change at any time.

  • High-quality mobile websites

    Also look great on phones & tablets.

  • Reliable & Fast Web Hosting

    Your site loads fast for site visitors.

  • Easy Form Builder

    Build custom contact forms, surveys & more.

  • Photo Galleries & Slideshows

    Robust tools to visually enhance your site.

  • Easy Video Player Options

    Embed from YouTube or directly upload.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Just the basics—complete SEO is a lot of work!*


    We begin with getting access to your current accounts (such as web hosting, WordPress, email, etc.). It’s important as the business owner to have this access organized, too.


    Part of the setup includes selecting the best website builder & design (theme) that can be customized for your business. You may also do this as a separate first step. We start with this step before building your site.


    Don’t waste your valuable time trying to figure this out! Let me handle the tricky tech setup of your website. Includes building out your pages, basic search engine optimization*, adding images & videos. Simple design & page layouts will be used.


    Use your current website content or you can write new content. If you’re tech savvy, you can do this yourself & use time on other features. You can also add time to create your marketing message. If you need help to create or refine your marketing message or creating content, you will need to add time as the is used to design & build your website. (MOST CLIENTS NEED ADDITIONAL HELP.) Great content is essential to attract ideal clients!


    Photos can also be used on individual pages to enhance the design. We can include a photo gallery if needed. I will assist in selecting stock photography, or you can provide your own images. Increase the visual appeal of your website.

Add on additional time with Brand Builder Blocks for more help.

Your project may also include:



Get customized strategies based on your unique goals, resources & tech ability.



A quick review of basic tips + templates for writing compelling website content.



Get contact info & book sales conversations with qualified leads, 24/7.



Increase productivity with Gmail for work, calendar & more for mobile & desktop.

Upgrade to add a logo, matching business cards,
LinkedIn profile & marketing materials!


    You’ll then get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training to reach your desired results. Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.


    We will review your custom proposal to build your brand. Finalize your next action steps to reach your desired results.

Price Details:

  • Please understand this package does not include endless time, but it can be expanded to fit your needs. DETAILS »
  • Upgrades can also be made over time to stretch your budget.
  • Final quote depends on your custom requirements, which we will review together.
  • Does not include the cost of your domain name or the website builder plan.
  • Does not include the cost of additional design customization, advanced content migration, adding new content or custom consulting.
  • Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) not included, as it involves multiple, on-going steps & will greatly increase the cost.