Design Polish by Virtuallinda$250 or 2-payments of $130*

Building your own simple website is “easier” than ever.

There are many options, with new features added every day. If you are tech savvy, a quick learner, and have a limited budget, this MAY be an option for you. Get started with a simple website to stretch your marketing budget.

It’s not “easy” if you don’t fall into this category.

This package is designed to help you make quick edits to your DIY website. Even the most talented people can use an extra set of eyes to fix mistakes, look at it from your target audience’s perspective, and polish it up. Think of this like a writer working with an editor.

What sort of edits will I make? I’ve found glaring errors such as a missing contact page or a button on the homepage that says “button text” instead of a call-to-action. What is obvious to me was overlooked by the inexperienced business owner. I’ve also helped to reorganize menus or rewrite headlines to better communicate marketing messages. I can pick colors, fonts & make sure the design / layout is well-organized.

Recommended for startups or for new product/services launches, but ONLY if you are tech-savvy. Upgrade over time.

* Package requires an on-going support package (from $49/mo) to give us time for basic strategy & project management.


    We begin with getting access to your current accounts (such as web hosting, WordPress, email, etc.). It’s important as the business owner to have this access organized, too.


    Next, I will make requested edits and use my designer’s eye to improve fonts, colors & layout. Simple design changes will be made.

IMPORTANT: Quotes for this project DO NOT INCLUDE any strategy or content time. We add this on with a 30-day strategy package (from $49/mo). A clear purpose and final content is required for website launch. Clients typically need help with this, so please plan for additional time in your budget. The less clear you are on your goals, the more time you’ll need to successfully launch. To cut down on this requirement, provide FINAL content at project start, so my focus will just be on building the site—or we can add on time to work on content together.

But isn’t it easy to “Do-It-Myself”?

Yes, it’s true, building websites is easier than ever! However, the first time you do ANYTHING NEW, it’s going to take more time than you planned. When you’re running a business, TIME = MONEY.

So sure, you could spend your time:

  • Comparing features of different landing page & website builders
  • Browsing through hundreds of free or premium themes
  • Trying to imagine how the theme will look for YOUR business
  • Learning how to write a compelling marketing message
  • Finding quality photos, graphics & videos
  • Struggling with tech setup you’ve never done before
  • Wondering why your final result doesn’t look like the example
  • Realizing that for every hour you’ve spent doing this, you’re losing income.
DIY website builders mean you could do-it-yourself, but it can still be time-consuming. Let me save your time & energy!

Yet, after all of that time spent, the end result looks unprofessional & won’t attract new leads.

Or you could WORK WITH ME to create the best website possible for your budget. You’ll be able to add content and edit as needed…without the headache of the design and setup!

I’ll tell you where you can save your money vs. investing it with professional help.

I’ll help you determine what parts really ARE easy to do-it-yourself VS. what is fast & easy for me to do for you. I can also answer your questions, troubleshoot tech issues, help you craft your magnetic marketing message, create your brand identity & keep you focused on your fastest path to profits.

My packages are designed to get you started, and you can on support as needed.

  • Working with paying clients
  • Scheduling discovery sessions with leads
  • Actively asking for referrals
  • Following up with contacts
  • Attending the right networking events
  • Promoting your fastest path to profits
  • Sending email followup to your contacts
  • Phone calls to your contacts
  • Sending proposals or billing clients
  • Speaking or teaching to attract leads

Example Client Project


  • Compare Website Packages

  • Included Hours
  • Brand Identity
  • Pages
  • Easy To Edit
  • Features
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Extra time for strategy & multiple rounds of changes
  • Design Polish


  • From $250
    or 2-payments of $130*

    Use my design & marketing skills
    to double check your DIY site

  • Website Builder
  • 2-hours
    Add more as needed
  • None (can be upgraded)
  • 5 (more can be added)
  • yes
  • Basic
  • From $10/mo
  • Minimal time, add on as needed
  • Basic Website


  • From $1250
    or 4-payments of $315*

    A budget-friendly option to help
    get your simple website launched

  • Website Builder
  • 10-hours
    Add more as needed
  • Basic (can be upgraded)
  • 5 (more can be added)
  • yes
  • Basic
  • From $10/mo
  • Minimal time, add on as needed
  • WordPress


  • From $2500
    or 4-payments of $630*

    Beautiful design, advanced
    features & customization

  • WordPress
  • 20-hours MINIMUM
    Add more as needed
  • Basic (can be upgraded)
  • 5 (more can be added)
  • Basic to Advanced (more time)
  • From $99/mo (IMPORTANT DETAILS)
  • Minimal time, add on as needed
  • Upgrades


  • Custom Quote

    Add on more time for design customizations & tech setup.

  • Website Builder or WordPress
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • As many as you need
  • Basic to Advanced (more time)
  • As much as you need


    You’ll then get a custom recommendation of strategy, brand identity, design, marketing & training to reach your desired results. Find out how we can work together to support your business growth. Get your outline for the next 90-days and options for future phases.


    We will review your custom proposal to build your brand. Finalize your next action steps to reach your desired results.

Upgrade to add a logo, matching business cards,
LinkedIn profile & marketing materials!

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