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Custom Solutions

A flexible solution to give you exactly what you need with a custom blend of strategy, design, tech & marketing. Buy time as needed, based on your goals & budget.

Tech Setup

A successful brand needs on-going marketing and tech shortcuts to attract clients, streamline your sales process and increase revenue. Tech recommendations are included in all packages.

Feeling unmotivated? Hit the reset buttonwith one of these9 practical ways toget unstuck!

Feeling Unmotivated? Hit the Reset Button!

Everyone goes through periods of not wanting to do something. But if you’re stuck on an important business task, your path to profits is blocked. Try one of these 8 practical ways to improve self-motivation. It happens to everyone – you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t get yourself to get it done!

Ideas to Action

5 Steps To Go From Idea to Action

As an Entrepreneur, do you have a mind swirl of new ideas all of the time? Of course, some of these are going to be golden nuggets, but most are going to be bright shiny objects that distract you if you let them. Since it can be hard to filter your ideas, here are 5 steps to help you find the gold but leave the rest.

Don’t take on more than you can realistically fit on your plate...or you’ll feel like you ate too much on Thanksgiving.

Business Lessons from Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving Dinner behavior the same thing I see with many Entrepreneurs when creating their business and marketing plans. It’s easy to get excited about the many ideas you have for marketing tactics or potential revenue streams for your business. Think about them like your Thanksgiving Dinner buffet – all so tempting…and it seems like you have to do them all at one time.

Start with your Business Plan

Remember that document that is supposed to be the foundation of your business? Well, I also know that MANY BUSINESSES never actually got around to completing this. THE BAD NEWS – That saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Well, it’s true. THE GOOD NEWS – Define Your Strategy by with my Simple Process

Plan Your Budget

Want to keep your costs to a minimum? Review this Action Guide! Aim for knowing your budget of time, money & energy for the next 90-days. If you need help to figure it out, we can start with strategic planning, using the approach I outline here.

Plan for BOTHnew opportunities & unexpected distractions to ease your stress!

How to Plan for the Unexpected in Your Business

Yes, it’s great to think about where you’ll want to be at the end of the year, but if your goal is too big, you won’t get there. Let’s say you want to make 6-figures this year. Instead of focusing on this end result, shift your focus to the smaller, do-able things that will result in your larger goal.


Use my “toolbox” of modular solutions to build your brand. My skills & packages link together like blocks to create a custom fit.

Take a focused approach to finding your ideal client.Looking “everywhere”is impossible!

Think Like a Rocket Scientist to Find Your Target

The biggest target I can think of finding is another Earth-like planet with life. The approach that scientists took can be applied to your business to find the ideal client you are looking for. It’s a common mistake is to say that “everyone” is your target market so you begin the search looking everywhere.


What my clients & colleagues are saying…”“Linda helps you to standout in your industry. She is more than just than a website designer. She will transform the workflow of your business so it’s easier for you and your clients. Don’t know what your niche is? Linda will also help you narrow that down too.”

Brand Builder Toolkits

Brand Builder Toolkits – Work with Virtuallinda and get a custom blend of action guides, planners, examples, checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets for each step of the branding process.

Brand Inspection

Construct your custom action plan! Before spending your valuable time, money & energy on a complex project, let’s review the easiest & fastest way to build your brand. The first step in making progress is getting an outline of what’s important and what you can take off your plate.

BLOGGING TIP: Write more in less time to keep your blog fresh.

How to Write More in Less Time On Your Blog

Your blog is an important part of your business. It connects your audience to your business. It provides value and information. It sells, promotes, and increases awareness. But creating content can be time consuming. The key is to learn how to write effectively and efficiently – consistently. Learn some of the top tips and steps to make this happen.


Build your brand with a custom blend of services. My modular solutions will create a perfect fit for you! Your brand works for you 24/7 to attract ideal clients & referrals. Let’s talk about your goals & budget to create your custom plan.

Celebrating Your Purpose & Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Happy 2013! What does this mean for your business?! Five years ago today, I did what every Entrepreneur dreams of. I made the decision to quit my job & to believe in myself enough to launch my own business full-time. Can you see how happy I was at that moment? I want to hear about your journey! Please share about it the comments!

Web Hosting

Recommended hosting companies to assure your WordPress site is running optimally. NOTE: Our WordPress Maintenance Plan for Premium Sites includes WordPress hosting.

WordPress Websites

Beautiful design, advanced features & customization. I’ll select the perfect design, style your content & do the tricky technical setup. Upgrade to add a logo, matching business cards, LinkedIn profile & more!


Your website can attract ideal leads, 24/7. Stand out with a professional design and powerful marketing message. I can also take care of the tricky technical setup, so you can stay focused.

Brand Strategy

Zero in on your most urgent challenge. Common goals have been organized into packages of targeted solutions. Packages combine a 45-min Strategy Session with Training—ACTION GUIDES, WORKBOOKS & CHECKLISTS covering all the basics.